Wednesday, December 15, 2010

a few of her favorite things...

well WOW where has the time gone? its almost Christmas and we are a little over a week away... I am very excited to take some down time off and relax and enjoy the holiday ... Get inspired and just enjoy the time with family ... I will be closing the site starting the 20th through January 2nd.... Look for lots of exciting new things happening in the new year... its going to be a new blog ... new changes on the website and soo much more new motto .... "she turned her dreams into plans.".. I am ready to put some fun new things in motion....
so i am sure things will be a little quiet around her until the new year .. so i am going to share my favorite recipe with you for the holidays ... its for egg nog ... and believe me even if you are NOT a fan of egg nog you will love this recipe ... its soo yummy and hey i am going to say just for the holidays its fat free ... so please don't blame me if you can't fit into your jeans after drinking one glass or a pitcher ..... :)
To Die for Eggnog

To Make:
2 eggs, well beaten
1 can sweetened condensed milk
1 teaspoon vanilla
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 quart whole milk
1 Cup Heavy cream, whipped
Nutmeg for sprinkling on top
Beat eggs, canned milk, vanilla salt and milk for 5 min. Blend in whipped cream. Sprinkle nutmeg on top. Chill 2-6 hours and stir before serving.
sooo good .... 

well I hope you all have a very merry christmas and happy and safe holiday season....

until next time,

Friday, December 3, 2010

she has made an error on OPEN HOUSE

okay so i just looked at my calendar and realized that tomorrow is not Dec 6th !!! it's december 4th ! OMG can you say HUGE error and I feel like such a dork ... SO with that being said the Christmas Open House and Studio Tour has been moved to DECEMBER 11th !!! Class will be from 2-4 with the open house studio tour to follow from 4:30-7:30 -  Hopefully that will work better with people's schedules and not in the middle of the day on a Monday .....  Also if you can't make the class the kit is also available too on the website ... So see my website for directions / etc .. I am soo very sorry for the Error !!!!
Also don't forget about the giveaway over at the WWC blog ... so head on over and enter !!! and FREE SHIPPING on the Website all weekend long in honor of the 12 days of Christmas !!!!!!

she is part of the 12 days of Christmas ....

soo head on over to this wonderful blog ... and sign up for a giveaway of my necklace ... also in honor of the special giveaway - I am going to be doing FREE PRIORITY shipping on my website for the weekend !
 ALSO don't forget OPEN HOUSE and SALE at my studio this weekend on DEC 6th from 4:30-7pm- Hope to see you there ...   Have a wonderful weekend !!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

she has a winner & other exciting news ...

So first I just wanted to say THANK YOU all from the bottom of my heart .. I am Thankful for all of you who support me through blogging and loving my jewelry .. I was touched by each and everyone  of your comments ... and i wish i could give everyone a special gift .... so the winner is picked by the random number generator. ... Alice and she said....
"What a lovely giveaway. I have many things to be thankful for, but this year one thing stands out for me and my family. My mother was recently diagnosed with stage four cancer and given very little time to live. She is determined to outlive the short time the doctors gave her. I am thankful for each and every day I get to spend with her."
Thanks so much Alice..!!!! Please email me your details so i can get your comfort and joy set to you .!!!
I also updated the shop one last time with lots of new bling , ornaments and am also putting on Kits to make your own ornaments in case you can't make the class this weekend !!! 

And if you didn't win today ... stay tuned for tomorrows blog post which i know you will LOVE too... there is some other exciting things in the works !!! 


Saturday, November 27, 2010

she is celebrating with a GIVEAWAY and FREE SHIPPING ...

so in honor of black friday ...which was yesterday and kicking off the holiday spirit I am doing a
holiday giveaway..... the perfect necklace and earrings set to enjoy and keep your spirits bright this holiday ..... so here is the deal to be entered just leave a comment on what your thankful for this holiday season  to be entered again  become a fan on facebook, tweet about the giveaway, or  blog about the giveaway you will be entered for each additional thing  ... easy peasy ....
and from now until Cyber Monday I will be doing free shipping on all orders - Which all orders will come ready to give for the holidays... things have been very busy this holiday season already ... and I am planning on doing one more set of one of a kinds and a huge listing of ornaments before the end of the week !!! so look for it soon .... :)

AND don't forget about the upcoming holiday open house too on Dec 6th at my studio  .. more info here and the class too !!!
well i hope everyone had a happy thanksgiving !!! I am so thankful for soo many things in my life and feel so very blessed to be able to do what I love .... Life is Good !!! 
until next time, 

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

She is announcing ...

She is dreaming of a white christmas CLASS   The First class ever at Beth Quinn Designs Studio.....LIMITED SPACES AVAILABLE ....... come take a glittery fun class and make an ornament for the holidays  (similiar to the one taught recently at Silver Bella in Omaha) ... You will get ALL supplies needed to make this adorable tree fairy ... 

TOOLS to bring or extras:  basic tool kit of scissors, glitter glue if you have it (not necessary )
needle and thread if want to sew on extra things , any extra bling, vintage buttons , chandelier crystals - anything you might want to add to make yours unique , beaded trims and old laces

Class will be held December 6th from 2-4 -  ----Christmas open house to follow from 4:30- 7:00 pm with refreshments and treats ... for all of you who just want to stop by I will also be selling my jewelry and opening my studio .... So much fun !!!!  Can't wait to see you ....
Please go to my website here to sign up and learn more ... 

  next post all the glittery goodness and fun of silver bella .......

Saturday, November 6, 2010

she is getting ready ....

to go teach at Silver Bella ... can't believe its here ... here are the classes i will be teaching -- the teacup fairy ......
and the she fairy ornament class ... 

and for any girls that can't attend but would love to have a kit just let me know ... when i get back i will be posting any left over kits on my website for purchase ! 
I will be posting all the photos from the big event and my teaching adventure when I return next week !! wish me luck !!!
until next time,

Saturday, October 30, 2010

she's been making lots of bling .... and other stuff...

So I have been frantically getting ready for Silver Bella !!!  and getting very excited , can't wait to teach and hang out with the bella's !  ... I bought some new boots ....

and a new skirt ....from my favorite friend over here ... OMG .. the skirt is amazing !! just love it !

and i made myself a necklace ...because i never keep one for myself but i just love these flowers

and i have been making lots of bling and dolls for orders and the website....

 and bling ...
 and bling
and bling

so the store is full of some new jewels... and some new ornaments and christmas jewelry ... i know i can't believe i just said Christmas but it will be here before we know it ...
well i am off to watch the kiddos play basketball ...tomorrow i have a bead show and can't wait to score some new things to use !
until next time ,

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

her NEW studio ..

So finally it is cooling off a little here in AZ .... I am spending more time out in my studio (cooling a 2 car garage is huge deal here ! )
So the space is finally starting to come together , i have hung a couple of chandeliers and am still hoping to hang a few more soon .. I have some fun ideas for lighting , but luckily too I have a couple windows which add some natural light and when its cool enough i can prop open the door to the garage ... we also painted the floors with concrete stain a nice chocolate brown ...
the garage is not directly attached to the house so you have a seperate entrance and it kinda feels like i am in my own little world here !  I have hung curtains in aqua and brown along the side where the garage door is ... you really have no idea your in a garage when you enter .. I have used fabric to hide all the door parts ...

  My plans for the future... a holiday open house and studio tour coming in November .... and next year I will be having a class in late January or early February so stay tuned !! 
hope you enjoyed the mini tour !! 
until next time 

Monday, October 11, 2010

she loves glitterfest ...

 I had such a great time at Glitterfest in California ... Here is a peak at my table ( all photos are courtesy of my bestie Karin at Creative Chaos ..)

I also got to see many people including Jenny Doh and Beth Livesay from Stampington ... what a great surprise ... Jenny and I will be hanging out more at Silver Bella .. and I can't wait ...
so after glitterfest was done we went to meet a few friends at a local pub... here is Karin, Jenny and I posing with the guy we picked up ... After the dinner ( and a few too many drinks ) my mom and I headed back to our hotel where two other good friends (Michelle and Maija )  were staying too so we hung out at their room for awhile and had wayyyy too much fun and laughs  !!!( this photo was of Michelle and I at the Creative connection in Minnesota )  What a wonderful way to spend a weekend hanging with girfriends and having a ball !!! 

until next time ,

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

she wants to share

this lovely magazine with you ... Amy from Inspireco is soooo amazing ... you need to check it out .. I will be back soon with lots of photos from glitterfest and new things coming ...

 be back soon with more ,

Monday, September 27, 2010

she's going back to cali...

cali cali ... (okay so that song stuck in my head for all of you who remember LL Cool J when he used to sing and not act ) 

I am gearing up for the huge Glitterfest show in Santa Ana this weekend and can't wait !!!
I am also super excited about this new venture ...

I now have over 20 Reps and am in 3 showrooms in the US  .... super exciting !! Its all been kind of a whirlwind ! SO as you can imagine I am trying to keep up with the blogging and the business stuff too ... but I still have some exciting plans for changing up the blog a little including some new "whats on her desk" ... what i would like to do is just show you what I am up to with more photos etc and "whats inspiring her today " with blogs and photos that are inspiring me !   so look for more photos and more posts coming soon !!! 

thanks so much as always,

Thursday, September 23, 2010

she is honored...

(above photo from Tracey of all of us at Blogger party) 
WOWZERS did i have a wonderful time at the Junk Bonanza !!! IT was AMAZING to say the least ... so many wonderful people vendors, shoppers and bloggers...... Unfortunately the bad news is I brought my little camera and not my big monster so I didn't end up taking that many photos ... but I met several wonderful women who did take wonderful photos and am happy to now call them friends !!! So go to their links so that you can see much more ..... this was the booth across from mine called hunt and gather ... Tracey ( aka French Larkspur ) got some wonderful photos of their booth ...

Here is a glimpse of my booth on day one  :

I got to meet so many many wonderful new friends and ran into lots of people I knew too !! It was such a wonderful time !! so be sure to check out these friends blogs to see more Becky, Traci, Jenn, Suzanne, Gretchen and Tracey....
until next time

Friday, September 10, 2010

what she's been up to....

so besides moving my entire house and studio (in the 100 degree plus heat) I have also been busy creating lots of new things for the upcoming Junk Bonanza event that takes place at the same time the Creative Connection event is going on ......   Here are a few of my new pieces that will be joining me ...  

so I have been busy putting things away and organizing and setting up a wonderful new studio that I cant wait to share with you...

I have also made a couple new halloween pieces for the fall :
well next week i am off to minnesota but I have some new plans for my blog .... lets just say you will get to see a much better view of my studio and what i am working on ..........
so until next time ,

Friday, August 20, 2010

she is moving ..

Yep we are in the process of moving our house AGAIN ... I know I know but this time we are hoping to stay a bit longer (we have had alot of issues with our current rental , which is a whole other story )  But this time I am going to have a huge studio 20x20 to be exact which is almost double the space .. . and I have some magical things planned for this space ( hint... you will be able to visit ) and the remodel has already begun ... don't worry our new landlords are perfectly okay with me remodeling their garage !   SO .. i may be absent for a another week or so but I will be back with lots of new photos and how my new studio space is coming along !!! 
In the meantime though I wanted to give a shout out to The Creative Connection Event ... I was so honored that Jo Packman and Nancy Soriano asked me to create some unique jewelry pieces for there event !! So if your going and you will definitely want to check it out !!!I will be doing the Junk Bonanaza which coincides with TCC.  So I can't wait to see all the wonderful ladies attending both !!!!!!
until next time,

Monday, August 2, 2010

She has released her fall line

The website is all new and full of fun new jewelry, sayings, rings and so much more .... here is a peak ....
new paper weights ...

new charm necklaces :
new bracelets :
hope you enjoy all the new things !!! For now I am going to be a new Aunt so I must hurry to the hospital so I can see that new little one ( my brother is going to be a daddy for the first time and I can't wait ) much more exciting news coming very soon !!
xo, beth