Thursday, December 31, 2009

A New Year and a 100th Post !!!

Wow... I just realized that I have my 100th post on New Years Eve !! SO I guess I can only celebrate new years by giving away a piece of my jewelry !!! I am not one to make New Years Resolutions ... but if I were to do ONE this year it would be to "DREAM BIG " - It's going to be my motto all year and I hope it will be yours too....
I have been taking it easy this past week and just enjoying some time off ...
but I have also been busy dreaming up new ideas too !!! Sometimes I fear the well is running low and the ideas don't come easy and sometimes in those empty hours you think you might never get back to where you were ... .. .in those times I usually do different things take a bath, read , look through my old sketches/journals ... and then somehow the ideas start popping again ... sometimes in the strangest places... its really funny how it works ..... I think that if you let yourself relax and Follow Your HEART ... your DREAMS will follow you .... you can make it happen ... I am proof of how DREAMS do come TRUE .... Its not easy and it takes lots of hard work ... but the BIGGER you DREAM .... the more chances you will have for SUCCESS !!

Okay now for the little giveaway ... I would like to give away a small charm necklace custom with your words for 2010 .... so the only thing you have to do is leave a comment with your wish or word/words( or pick one of mine) for 2010 on this post ... I will leave the comments open for the next week ....

HaPpY NeW YeArS !!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

She believes ...

Yes I do BELIEVE ... I have always been a believer in the MAGIC of Christmas... and its so easy during the holidays to forget what a special time of year it is... to be with family and friends... and to reflect on yourself and what you really truly cherish... To LIVE with INTENTION and to make a DIFFERENCE in your lives..... I was reading my friends blog and she posted this ...
It spoke volumes to me ... just loved it ... the new year is coming .. and I have lots of changes coming ... I have Sales Reps starting in the Pacific Northwest which is a huge change for me , Exciting & Scary ..., taking my business to another level with employees to help me ... I am learning I can't do everything and to let go of some of the control .... To let LIFE guide me .... I have another Tradeshow going on over here in January and some other really exciting news to share in the New Year ...the kind that made me jump for joy ... and cry ... and feel very very BLESSED... Beyond words I feel blessed by all my support from all my readers, friends , family and customers...
but when its all said and done ... I still just love to enjoy the small things .... and which is why for the next couple weeks I am going to be INTENTIONAL and spend some time REFLECTING, .... ENJOYING my little guys.... RELAXING ..... and LISTENING to what my HEART says... taking some time off (which is hard for me especially when my studio is in my house ) So I will try to pop in and say hello ... but I really want to break away from the computer for a few days to REFRESH ... BREATHE ,.... and ENJOY ..... as we all get caught up in all hustle and bustle of the holidays... just SLOW down for a few days....
and i realize that some of us are struggling , going through tough times , missing loved ones (I miss my dad terribly during this time ) so i wish to you that you can find some inner PEACE too... and set that aside just for a couple days
I hope you all get lost in the MAGIC of CHRISTMAS this year ....

Happy Holidays
(whatever your religion or beliefs may be )

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

She is excited to let you know about a special ...

GIVEAWAY ... I was asked by the wonderful Where Women Create to do a giveaway for there 12 days of Christmas festivities !! I am honored and excited to let you know that I will be giving away one of my Ribbon Necklaces ... the best thing is you get to choose which one you would like if you win!! and in HONOR of all FESTIVITIES I am letting all READERS have a 10% off for the entire day Dec.9th on my website - so please us this link to get the discount let me know if you have any problems , this is the first time i have tried the code thing so I am new to it !!! And don't forget to visit the WWC blog to enter for the giveaway !!!
Thanks so very much for stopping in and welcome to any new readers or followers of my blog !! Have a very Happy Holiday !! Until Next Time .....

Sunday, November 29, 2009

she has a TRUNK show

I am having my first ever trunk show in the shop !! Please join me !! Lots of new goodies and even some new bling rings and bracelets !! (photo from
Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving ... I got up and did the black friday shopping from 4-4 , yep 12 crazy hours but I think I almost finished all my shopping and that makes me feel so good !!! Oh and we got the house decorated too and the tree is up !!! so i will share photos of this soon ! I am really feeling the holiday spirit .... its beginning to look a lot like Christmas.....

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

she is thankful ....

I am thankful for Kasey of Lola B's ... she just did a wonderful post and she is hosting a giveaway ... Kasey and I have known each other for a couple years now and I am thankful to call her a Friend ... she was the first one to ever carry my things in her store ... so its definitely a honor for me to call her a friend too .... She has an AMAZING blog and the BEST store too so make sure you hop over especially if you want to win this
I am feeling very blessed this thanksgiving .... i have more exciting news to share soon .... the past week has been filled with lots of amazing happenings here ..... so yes I am THANKFUL ... Thankful for each and everyone of you who stop by and read my blog , who purchase my jewelry, who share your stories with me, and call me your friend..... I have a wonderful husband and two wonderful boys ... and a very supportive mom who I call my best friend !! I have wonderful Employees who are all family members to support my business and help me grow .... Yes I am THANKFUL !!!
Well this Saturday I am having my first Trunk Show ... its going to be full of one of a kind pieces and some new things too ... I am going to be closing the shop on Dec 14th for the holidays so that i may enjoy some holiday time with my family and actually relax !! ... and custom orders will end on the Dec 7th ~~~
well I hope you all have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving ! Remember no matter how big or small we all have something to be thankful for ...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

She had a WONDERFUL time ....

WOW i don't even know where to begin .... First , I want to thank each and every one of you for your sweet comments on my previous post... I am truly blessed and feel so fortunate to have so many women to share my experience with because I know sooo many of you are journeying too , it might not be the same but we ALL have a story to tell..... and I LOVE hearing yours !!!!! thanks will never be enough ... my heart is full !!
So without further ado here is a recap of the silver bella adventure... I was only in Omaha for 48 hours ?!!! so it was jam packed full and i still don't feel recovered yet ....LOL!! I don't think my feet even had time to touch the ground and i still feel like i am in the clouds !!! and silly me didn't take any pictures so ALL are borrowed from my friend Tricia and Jeanne !!
The first night I had a wonderful dinner with a bunch of vendor girls including the fab Lisa Kettell, Tricia (vintage bliss), Analise Sledd and her Mom, Christine (Dolly Belle) and Beth Leintz ! What a fab time we had !!!!
The next day I spent the morning antiquing with my buds Christine and Tricia - we had soo much fun at second chance !! which is the best store and I scored tons of vintage lace !!
That night was vendor night , and I only regret not having a photo of me in my apron that my cousin, Julie made (so if anyone took one could you email me pretty please !!!) This was me and my good friend Jeanne !! We got to connect again and had soo much fun together even though we were both soooo tired !!!! I just love her and we have sooo much in common ( miss you girl)!! You must visit her blog to see some more amazing photos of the event!
I met the most amazing girls this past weekend !! I can't even put into words how amazing the event is!!! Teresa is wonderful and puts on one of the best paper arts events around !!!! Thanks so much to everyone who stopped by and said hi or purchased something ... again i am soooo blessed by you and my heart is so full !! I would love to see your pics from Silver Bella if you attended so please leave me a comment !!!! I will post your links below !!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

She is glittering up ...

For a Bella good time...!!!!!. It has been two years since i went to silver bella and really am excited to at least attend as a vendor ... the first time I went I launched my business and so attending this event is a really sentimental thing for me ..and i have been thinking alot lately about where i am going , changes i need to make for me to grow as a person and for my business.... .my journey has been so wonderful this last 2 years full of more excitiment and joy then i could have ever imagined .... I have had to open myself up and put myself out there so many times...and its scary... almost frightening sometimes ... but..... in doing so have met some very WONDERFUL people along the way... I have gotten to journey to foreign lands ..I have gotten to DREAM BIG ... but have also had to BE very BRAVE in my journey .... I have had many ups and downs learning how to run a business like a girl .... But is has been so worthwhile .... I have no idea where my journey will continue to go ... I have lots of HOPES and DREAMS for where I will continue .... but I realize I can't do it alone... I like many other she's out there like to have a lot of control over my everyday business things ... and i am realizing more then ever that is time to LET GO ... time for CHANGE.... time for me to be BRAVE and let DESTINY continue to guide my JOURNEY..... to put my fear aside and HAVE A LITTLE FAITH .... I have been thinking alot lately after reading lots of other she's blogs about my business and opening myself to new dreams , new paths .... I am not one who does well with change ... I hate it ... and fight it every step of the way .... but i am LEARNing that CHaNgE is GOOD !!!!! and that I love my JOURNEY !!!!!! I am sooooo ready for whatever next BIG thing may come along ... so here I come ... ready or not... ... putting myself out there.. wearing my HEART for the world to SEE ... just remember I am LEARNING TO FLY ...
until next time,

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Won't you join her...

Man, I am really busy (in a good way!!) and blessed in so many ways ... so just wanted to do a quick post to remind you of the upcoming event this weekend !! I will have lots of one of a kind items for sale .... so go here to learn more
also I wanted to mark your calendars for November 28th ... I will be doing a one of a kind trunk show in time for the Holidays ...
(photo from Flickr)
full of unique and new items and art online in my webstore so be sure to tune in ... lots of fun things and sneaks coming soon !!
hope to see you soon !!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

She is excited to announce ...

That I have booked my plane fare and room to attend the Silver Bella event to be a Vendor ...
I am so excited .... I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to attend but things have worked out so that I am able too !!! Thank goodness for such wonderful family support (big hugs to my mom, hubby and SIL!!!) I am working on some special things for the fall events on i am attending and coming up with some new class ideas for next year to teach since so many people have been asking about classes !! and some special new jewelry for the shows I am doing the next few months , lots of one of a kind things !!
and I have many new bracelets that I am working on ... they are so much fun and so full of bling so be sure to check out the website because I have been adding new things everyday !!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

she is thinking of Christmas

Yes ... I know still a couple months away ... but I have some new Christmas designs in the store for you...
it will be here before we know it !! and no I am not one of those people who has all my shopping done in July ... rarely have I got it all done by Dec 24th ..LOL ..
maybe this year ... .....hmmm maybe I should start now ... .
well would love to know if you have started your christmas shopping yet ??? I will be selling my wares this weekend at the Fire and Friends Art Show ... go there for details or see sidebar !! hope to see you there !!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

she is Paris Dreaming ...

I have been busy putting some things back in the store .. and making a few new things !!

and don't forget that I am donating proceeds for the Breast Cancer Awareness Month !
and bling rings are back !!
so much fun !!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

She is Learning to breathe

So sorry about the last post ... YES I still have Joli Paquet kits here under holiday ! I think people thought they were sold out .... OOPS ...
well I have also created a few new things ..... but I am learning to slow down a little and take a breathe .... its hard to do sometimes... Next week my children are on Fall Break already ... I can't believe how time flies... and I need to stop and look around and enjoy the little things.... AND I have some really wonderful shows coming too .... just check out my sidebar for all the details !! Have a great weekend !

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

SHe has KITS .... available now...

my Joli Paquet kits are now on my website... I will only have 7 available and then they are gone .!!! also all the new jewelry and Breast Cancer Jewelry is up too and I am going to keep a total on my blog of how much I donate to the Fight for The Cure !!!
thanks so very much everyone !!!!!!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

she is gearing up for fall ...

Oh how happy I am that Arizona is starting to cool off a little ... starting to feel more like fall... things have been busy for me .. and hubby finally went back to work after 12 weeks of being off ..whew thank goodness he is on the mend !! Its been a long road for us ... but we are making it ... well I have lots of new spooky jewelry for you coming in the store...
and the cute little she necklaces ....

and some new pieces ....

and next weekend I am heading to Cali to stay with my brother ... the kids are on fall break for a week so I have been dying to check out the Rose Bowl flea market and it just happens to be this weekend ... I also might check in on this event and visit some friends !! I also have to hit this store so I am praying they will be opened .....
and in honor of Breast Cancer month I am going to be offering some pink jewels ... and a portion of the proceeds are going to the Breast Cancer Fund !! I know so many wonderful she's who have been touched by this terrible disease and I can't wait to show my support for Helping to find a Cure !! Look for the details on my website.... and last but not least kit sales over at Joli have been delayed a couple days ... so be sure to check out the website next week for all the yummy details and kits !! here is a sneak of mine ...

until next week !!
have a wonderful weekend ,

Thursday, September 24, 2009

She has a Boo Tutorial for you ...

Hey girls , make sure to stop over to the Joli Paquet blog today , I have a wonderful tutorial there on soldering a banner ... did I tell you I am also working on some "SPOOKY" new Jewelry !! More info and also some fun halloween kits coming soon !!!

PS !! GO check out this WONDERFUL giveaway at LOLA B's by the one and only fabulous Kasey !!

Friday, September 18, 2009

She has a few announcements ...

...... so much has been happening and this week has been a little bit crazy for me after this
here is a picture of the booth that my jewelry was displayed in , in Sweden ... Simply Wonderful isn't it ?!!! Anna is so amazing with her decor talent and I am so honored to be working with this wonderful couple !!( oh and she just posted one of our adventures on her blog!) So I have to say it was a huge success and I have been a lot busy working on getting orders done ... and sometimes I still need to pinch myself to make sure it is all real....
and in addition I am working on things for this .... I will be doing a tutorial over there next week and there is even a fun Swap going on so make sure to run over and sign up !!! Kits will be going on sale on October 2nd ... and mine will be very limited but have lots of vintage treasures in it .. but I will have some sneaks very soon of that ....

and I also have some bad news too.... after lots of thought and consideration I am going to have to withdraw from Silver Bella this year.... I may change my mind and attend vendor night ( I still have my table ), but at this point it isn't in the cards for me... I am bummed but I don't want to take on more then my plate can handle .. on a good note though ... Teresa found a lucky She to take my place and I know she is over the top excited to be coming ... So that makes me very happy ...
well my fall calendar is filling up ... I am going to be out and about in October and November at some local events ... so for all you local gals please stop by and say hello ... would love to see you !! until next time !!!