Friday, August 28, 2009

She needs to focus ....

Its funny when I know I should be doing a hundred other things that need to be done NOW... my mind flutters .... and this is what happens ......

and new stuff just comes to life .... don't you just love layers??.... I have been busy creating pieces to wear together too if you like to layer jewelry and necklaces then you will love some of my new wares !!!
okay i better get back to what I was supposed to be doing ..... you can see more of the other things i created on facebook and flickr !! ( yes there is actually more , LOL!)
have a really relaxing weekend !

Friday, August 21, 2009

she has been playing with colors....

I have been busy discovering new ways to adorn my charms - these will be listed in my store soon !! Love the little crowns with the words don't you , and the teal so much fun !!
I also just love the "keep calm" sayings floating around .... so i couldn't but help put one on a charm this one says "keep calm collect junk " (the pink pearl looks a tad more deep in the photo )
this necklace is so much fun with the beading in color .... pink, teal, red and creams oh my !!
it reads "strength courage love" --- I have loved experimenting with different colors so I am sure you will see some more coming soon ... and look for more new charms too!!
well hope you have a wonderful weekend ... until next time I hope you will find your sparkle too !

Friday, August 14, 2009

She has her new fall line !!

I have finally finished updating my website with all my new things !! I have a few more things to update in the next week or so , some more charms , but for the most part it is all there !! I hope you enjoy it all !! I have had so much fun creating it ... and still have more in the works and some one of a kind pieces too !!!

so I have new ribbon necklaces - now available in brown and black charm dangle necklaces ....
new beaded necklaces .....

and some new earrings ....( more bracelets and rings are coming too) !!
Hope you enjoy !!! I have posted more in the gallery on my flickr and facebook too !
have a happy weekend !!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

she is ready to begin her journey ....

Well , I am back from a very wonderful and exciting trip ..... the new friends I met there , Adam and Anna of Design and Countryhouse were the most gracious hosts !!! They are the most beautiful people inside and out .. and I felt as if I knew Anna for years which made it very hard to leave -She was so sweet and made us feel right at home - She took my mother and I to some wonderful flea markets in old barns
and to the "cookie castle" which was filled to the brim with amazing pasteries and treats .... we spent a day in the old part of Stockholm and the buildings and streets were full of inspiration, just feeling the history while walking along the cobblestone was amazing !!! not to mention all the architecture we saw ! we spent time at Adam and Anna's house which is beautiful ...... something you see in magazines (and yes it will be in a magazine soon )

the trip was far beyond what I could have imagined....So the word is out and I can share with you that I have partnered with Adam and Anna to bring the northern part of Europe (mainly Sweden,Finland , and Norway) my jewelry - they will be taking my jewelry to tradeshows there and will be distributing my jewelry to boutiques !! Its so exciting .... the only way I know how to describe what is happening for me is like having a baby ... and watching it grow and hoping that you have all the pieces in place to get to the next point .... I am sure as the journey continues I will have so much more to share !!
For now though I need to go pamper my hubby for the next couple days, he will be having surgery on his back and will need some TLC when he gets home !! I still plan to unveil all my designs in the next day or so too on the website ..... they were a huge hit this weekend at Art Unraveled and I was so blessed again to see so many wonderful friends and meet some new wonderful She's there, thank you to all who stopped in and said hello or took home a piece of my jewelry - its so fun to see your eyes light up when you find the perfect piece or saying!! I am truly blessed ..... Well until next time ....have a wonderful week...