Saturday, June 19, 2010

Where She Creates.... Blogger Event

So ... I signed up again this year on this blog ... for a special event " Where BLOGGERS Create" !! Where Women Create is even giving away some special prizes this time and Karen was featured in the WWC mag!! So exciting !
SO without further ado , i will share my space with you ...... Its really funny that when you have a business like I do and an employee that we share a little 10x12 room .... So in order to make this room really work for both of us you have to be creative ! I transformed the closet into another workspace by taking the doors off ... and plan to run to goodwill today to buy a desk as I have recently organized again and would like to put a small desk there for me to sit on the computer .... its funny how such a small space can work for 2 people and seem very large. It helps that I have lots of natural light shining in all the time and a bose Ipod speaker system to play some tunes while we work !!! Also my ikea cabinets hide away sooo much clutter and I don't know what i would do without them , i have counters all around me to create on !! I truly believe in displaying as much as you can so that you get inspiration from all around you .... and recently changed the closet shelving now to display some of my fun vignettes ....
so see even with a small studio you can run a small business !! well I hope you have enjoyed my little studio tour .... be sure to check the blog so you can see other amazing studios right here
until next time,

Thursday, June 17, 2010

she loves junk !

I am doing a giveaway over at the junk bonanza blog today so be sure to check it out here :

Junk Bonanza

have a great day ! and good luck !!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

she left her heart ...

In San Francisco... ahhhhh yes..... last weekend was my hubby's 40th birthday and so for a huge surprise I booked a flight and hotel for San Francisco for the weekend .. he had no idea which was the funnest part ... right after work i wisked him away to the airport where we boarded a plane and headed to Cali for the weekend..... soo fun and spontaneous !! He loved it !!! So here are some of the things we did .... first we stayed at the most darling hotel called the Larkspur .. this hotel had sooo much history and was very vintage , the rooms were small and quaint with all the old vintage doors and chandeliers everywhere ... it was the quinnessential place to stay ...
we enjoyed time by the water and walking along the beach ... i just love the ocean ... it was a bit foggy but the fog had blew over just in time for our sunset cruise under the San Fran bridge ! it was amazing fun time and the scenery was breathtaking ... here we were on the cruise , it was a bit windy and a bit chilly at times , but other then that we had a blast !!!
and who doesn't love all the architecture in San Fran ... its so inspiring that you could spend days there just walking along all the streets ..(. the safe ones LOL.. but thats a whole other story ) while we were there the last day they were having a street fair on Union down by Cow Hollow .. there was this amazing flower shop that I snapped a picture of .... only in San Fran can you feel like you have traveled all over the world from Italy, China to the streets of Paris ... it truly is a wonderful city and sooo friendly to get around ..... well stay tuned because guess what ? this week there will be a giveaway on the Junk Bonanza blog for one of my pieces .....
until next time ,

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

She is having a Summer Sale

Just wanted to let you know that there is a sale going on at my website .. I am trying to clear room for all the new fall inventory coming later this summer so anything on sale I will no longer be carrying in the store !! I am also doing a small trunk show of one of a kind new items and a few mixed media pieces of art work !! And don't miss the new Presse-Papiers (aka French for paperweight) I will also be taking a small summer break in July as I am heading to California in July for my first Tradeshow !! So exciting !!
So come see all the new stuff and if there is something you have had your eye on it may be on sale now ... HAPPY SUMMER !!!