Sunday, November 29, 2009

she has a TRUNK show

I am having my first ever trunk show in the shop !! Please join me !! Lots of new goodies and even some new bling rings and bracelets !! (photo from
Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving ... I got up and did the black friday shopping from 4-4 , yep 12 crazy hours but I think I almost finished all my shopping and that makes me feel so good !!! Oh and we got the house decorated too and the tree is up !!! so i will share photos of this soon ! I am really feeling the holiday spirit .... its beginning to look a lot like Christmas.....

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

she is thankful ....

I am thankful for Kasey of Lola B's ... she just did a wonderful post and she is hosting a giveaway ... Kasey and I have known each other for a couple years now and I am thankful to call her a Friend ... she was the first one to ever carry my things in her store ... so its definitely a honor for me to call her a friend too .... She has an AMAZING blog and the BEST store too so make sure you hop over especially if you want to win this
I am feeling very blessed this thanksgiving .... i have more exciting news to share soon .... the past week has been filled with lots of amazing happenings here ..... so yes I am THANKFUL ... Thankful for each and everyone of you who stop by and read my blog , who purchase my jewelry, who share your stories with me, and call me your friend..... I have a wonderful husband and two wonderful boys ... and a very supportive mom who I call my best friend !! I have wonderful Employees who are all family members to support my business and help me grow .... Yes I am THANKFUL !!!
Well this Saturday I am having my first Trunk Show ... its going to be full of one of a kind pieces and some new things too ... I am going to be closing the shop on Dec 14th for the holidays so that i may enjoy some holiday time with my family and actually relax !! ... and custom orders will end on the Dec 7th ~~~
well I hope you all have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving ! Remember no matter how big or small we all have something to be thankful for ...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

She had a WONDERFUL time ....

WOW i don't even know where to begin .... First , I want to thank each and every one of you for your sweet comments on my previous post... I am truly blessed and feel so fortunate to have so many women to share my experience with because I know sooo many of you are journeying too , it might not be the same but we ALL have a story to tell..... and I LOVE hearing yours !!!!! thanks will never be enough ... my heart is full !!
So without further ado here is a recap of the silver bella adventure... I was only in Omaha for 48 hours ?!!! so it was jam packed full and i still don't feel recovered yet ....LOL!! I don't think my feet even had time to touch the ground and i still feel like i am in the clouds !!! and silly me didn't take any pictures so ALL are borrowed from my friend Tricia and Jeanne !!
The first night I had a wonderful dinner with a bunch of vendor girls including the fab Lisa Kettell, Tricia (vintage bliss), Analise Sledd and her Mom, Christine (Dolly Belle) and Beth Leintz ! What a fab time we had !!!!
The next day I spent the morning antiquing with my buds Christine and Tricia - we had soo much fun at second chance !! which is the best store and I scored tons of vintage lace !!
That night was vendor night , and I only regret not having a photo of me in my apron that my cousin, Julie made (so if anyone took one could you email me pretty please !!!) This was me and my good friend Jeanne !! We got to connect again and had soo much fun together even though we were both soooo tired !!!! I just love her and we have sooo much in common ( miss you girl)!! You must visit her blog to see some more amazing photos of the event!
I met the most amazing girls this past weekend !! I can't even put into words how amazing the event is!!! Teresa is wonderful and puts on one of the best paper arts events around !!!! Thanks so much to everyone who stopped by and said hi or purchased something ... again i am soooo blessed by you and my heart is so full !! I would love to see your pics from Silver Bella if you attended so please leave me a comment !!!! I will post your links below !!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

She is glittering up ...

For a Bella good time...!!!!!. It has been two years since i went to silver bella and really am excited to at least attend as a vendor ... the first time I went I launched my business and so attending this event is a really sentimental thing for me ..and i have been thinking alot lately about where i am going , changes i need to make for me to grow as a person and for my business.... .my journey has been so wonderful this last 2 years full of more excitiment and joy then i could have ever imagined .... I have had to open myself up and put myself out there so many times...and its scary... almost frightening sometimes ... but..... in doing so have met some very WONDERFUL people along the way... I have gotten to journey to foreign lands ..I have gotten to DREAM BIG ... but have also had to BE very BRAVE in my journey .... I have had many ups and downs learning how to run a business like a girl .... But is has been so worthwhile .... I have no idea where my journey will continue to go ... I have lots of HOPES and DREAMS for where I will continue .... but I realize I can't do it alone... I like many other she's out there like to have a lot of control over my everyday business things ... and i am realizing more then ever that is time to LET GO ... time for CHANGE.... time for me to be BRAVE and let DESTINY continue to guide my JOURNEY..... to put my fear aside and HAVE A LITTLE FAITH .... I have been thinking alot lately after reading lots of other she's blogs about my business and opening myself to new dreams , new paths .... I am not one who does well with change ... I hate it ... and fight it every step of the way .... but i am LEARNing that CHaNgE is GOOD !!!!! and that I love my JOURNEY !!!!!! I am sooooo ready for whatever next BIG thing may come along ... so here I come ... ready or not... ... putting myself out there.. wearing my HEART for the world to SEE ... just remember I am LEARNING TO FLY ...
until next time,

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Won't you join her...

Man, I am really busy (in a good way!!) and blessed in so many ways ... so just wanted to do a quick post to remind you of the upcoming event this weekend !! I will have lots of one of a kind items for sale .... so go here to learn more
also I wanted to mark your calendars for November 28th ... I will be doing a one of a kind trunk show in time for the Holidays ...
(photo from Flickr)
full of unique and new items and art online in my webstore so be sure to tune in ... lots of fun things and sneaks coming soon !!
hope to see you soon !!