Wednesday, July 30, 2008

She has a window to her soul ...

She is loved (sold)

she is thoughtful ...

she dreams of paris ...... (sold)

her dreams come in bottles...

These are now available here!!
I finally got them up and set to go , if they don't all sell i will be taking them with me to my shows in the next few weeks ! I am still super swamped right now with wholesale orders and preparing for some fun shows here and here !!
And I will be teaching at Domestic Bliss- blissful living studio in September - I am teaching a class called "she learns to solder " - its a series of soldering & She classes that i have come up with for the fall !!! so i hope you join me !!! even if you know how to solder already come join the fun !! so mark your calendars now !!!
I will posting more fun things I am working on soon !!
Thanks for stopping in !!!!have a great weekend !!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

She is Home

So I had a very busy weekend and wasn't at home ( i am a on call social worker at the hospital one weekend a month ) so when i got home today i had to check the mailbox and to my hearts delight it had arrived !!!! I had heard it was out and I was overwhelmed , this is the first time being published and I was so excited ! I am so honored that Sommerset has chosen my art to be in there magazine !! So I came home fed the kids kicked off my shoes and enjoyed a hot bubble bath savoring every minute of this yummy magazine - so full of inspiration and incredible artists I am honored to be among so much talent !!! So to share a little closer I am posting below the pieces that are featured (not nearly as yummy as they were photo'd in the magazine)

thanks so very much for letting me share !!! hopefully you will be getting your copy soon too !!

have a lovely week - i will share more soon !!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

she has been given a couple awards...

So i was given the brillante weblog award by this wonderful girl
and this wonderful girl (the brazil version Premio Dardos)- thanks so much to both of you! so as my friend Mel would say I just can't chose who to nominate so many of you inspire me to be more creative in my everyday life and I enjoy reading everyones blog !! So if you want to play along let me know !!!! and follow these rules :
  1. Put the "Brilliant Weblog" logo on your blog
  2. Add a link to the person who awarded you
  3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs
  4. Add links to those blogs on yours
  5. Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs

This has been a very busy week for me ..... so much going on and trying to get everything updated - If I have left you off my blogroll and you want to be on it or trade links please let me know and I will add you right away ! I will be posting alot more soon ... so have a great weekend and I will leave you with some eye candy ...


Friday, July 18, 2008

She Loves to create....

So I am so excited, this week has been very busy one for me but I want to share a couple of new things that I did get done !! These cream cuffs

and this new necklace done in a new style :

and if you haven't heard about this fabulous party in August you must go look here because for all you girls who are going , I have exciting news !!! I am going to be there too selling my wares and some other vintage chic items !!! and from what i hear so will alot of other girls like Kim,
and Kim, and Maija and many others !! so won't you join us too !!!

hope you all have a very wonderful weekend - I am busy filling orders and getting the shop filled up for next week !! so join my newsletter if you want to know about all the new stuff coming your way !!

Monday, July 14, 2008

She has a sneak peak and other news

so i just found out that Stampington featured me in an ad for Belle Armoire article coming this autumn !!! go here .... I am beyond honored & excited to be among many fabulous women like Diana , Deryn Mentock and many others !

So I hope you will pick up your copy on September 1st too , Can’t wait to get mine !!

You have probably noticed my website is different too !!! Thanks to this lovely girl , she incorporated my template into my new website so now you can actually buy my jewelry and art right here !! I will be adding lots of new things next week and coming out with some wonderful fun new things !!! including these a new line of sweet vintage ladies :

and some new rings !!

and last but not least - I have switched back to blogger - from being on mac the last year ... so unfortunately there is no way to incorporate all those old posts from long ago and a years work of posts gone( kinda depressing ) but I added the last 10 posts from my old blog ... and change is good !!!!now I hope many of you will have an easier time commenting and reading my thoughts etc.............. Let me know what you think !!
Also i will be updating my blog links but that will take some time so please bare with me for all the new changes - I promise I will make it all worth it !!

XO ,

She has a winner !!!

YEAH !!! Be sure
to check out her
awesome blog! I
am part of her
Cottage Style
Etsy Team !!!!
Love ya girl!!!

My little guy picked the name from the batch - thanks so much again for all your wonderful birthday wishes !!! It really made my week !!! I also wanted to share a bracelet I recently made for this Uber cool chick !! Heather at Speckled Egg and I did a swap! Heather has a great store so be sure to go check it out !!! Lots of yummy supplies !!

Hope you all have a wonderful week !! I have lots of work to get done for upcoming events and a new announcement of a HUGE change for me !!!
It may be happening this week so be sure to check back soon !!!!

She is Artistically Blissful

So more things to share ...FIRST THOUGH !!- thanks for all the amazing sweet comments you all left for my birthday you sure know how to make a girl feel wonderful!! thanks so much to everyone from the bottom of my heart !!!!!Next, I will be teaching here in October so honored to be asked to teach here and so excited far it is sold out but if your interested make sure to get on the waiting list!

Then there the round robin I am so excited to be a part of ... isn’t this dollie wonderful - she is from Constance, I added some bling and a creative dress of french text , poor girl needed some clothes !! she is off to the next person now and I am working on a new doll form and will share her too soon ...

Next ... I have been working on lots of jewelry for a special order for my favorite Swedish friend’s store.....

And then I had another project to complete so here is studio before and after ..... LOL !!! disaster ZONE !!!!! ( sorry those photos didn't upload )

and here is what it looks like today- see how happy i am ! ... wonder how long this will last ? LOL! its for a secret project ... shhhhhh!!! hopefully this one works this time !!

Hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th of July !!! There is still time to enter the giveaway for my bday !! I will pick a winner on monday !


Yep today is my bday !!! I am the big 34 years old and so happy !! I just returned from here ....

and made things like this ...

I just have to say that Julie and Candice are the most gracious hosts and have an awesome event !!! I definitely needed a relaxing break and to refuel my creativity !! i wish i took more pictures , I loved all the teachers Stephanie, Carla, and Alma - each one so sharing and giving with their ideas to help us learn a new technique ! I met new friends and got to know other ones better !
So in honor of my birthday I am giving away a “vintage chick supply kit”
soon to be in my etsy supply store

ribbons, wallpaper, and lots of vintage ephemera !!!! so please enter your name between now and monday ( since the 4th of july is coming I know lots of people are busy !!) and i will put your name in for the lovelies above!

Hope everyone has a safe and fun 4th of July !!
Thanks so much for stopping by !!


She is Creating

o I have been busily cleaning my studio and also creating some jewelry for commissioned pieces , making new stuff for here, and here, and here. I also taught my first class at the blissful studio !! Thanks Kellie and Karla !

My mind is a whirlwind of things right now .... creativity is in the air and new things are brewing !!! Lots of exciting things in the works and I just hope its a sign of good things to come .... As soon as I know any details you will be the first to know ...
Have a truly blissful weekend !! And spend time with the hubbys and great dads who make our lives wonderful !!!


She is Up to something !

So my little guy just graduated from Kindergarten .... seems like yesterday it was preschool !!We got to have special cupcakes made by grammy ! YUM!
Now on to summer break, we only have 5 weeks off due to year round school here .. Tomorrow I teach at BLISSFUL !!!!!! And Next week on Wednesday I leave for Artnest and then I will be back with a birthday giveaway !!! Yes July 1st is my bday and I am the big 34- WOW !!! so in honor of my bday I am going to do a giveaway !

For now I have been making lots of new stuff and working on a new art project to be revealed in the next couple weeks - A new line called window to HER soul .......full of all things I love ...

and then there is the new jewelry ......

thanks for stopping in - don’t forget to check back on JULY 1st for my GIVEAWAY !!!! YEAH !!!


She is a Marie

So I am in a Marie Antoinette round robin that I blogged about before....and I realized hey my middle name is MARIE - LOL - which I can only imagine stems from the French since my Grandmother had mostly french in her blood ... coincidence ... i think not ... LOL-

And last week my cousin and I finally got together again after being at her place I bought this...... I will show more later of what I made .... but for now here it is ......

yes it looks like a sewing machine but its not - it is a Needle Felting or Embellisher as some people call it - It is amazing little thing that doesn’t sew but punches fabrics together ! Oh wait til you see what this little baby can do !! I am so excited to start using it ..... so I will definitely keep you posted . I have lots more to share but I will save that for another post.