Monday, March 29, 2010

She is soo happy to announce....

That I am an instructor at this years Silver Bella Event ... so honored to be among some amazing talent and can't wait to meet all you Bella's this year ....
so make sure to stay tuned to the Silver Bella blog for more info and
classes !!!
can't wait to be a part of the festivities !!!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

She dreams big ....

Recently I was contacted by Stampington Magazine to be part of Haute Handbags ... so many many wonderful other artists in this one ... so honored to be among them ....make sure to get your copy here..

Sunday, March 21, 2010

in her shoes...

Its been the craziest week.... the kids were on Spring break and my youngest son decided to play with his legos. Only instead of playing with them he stuck a little diamond from indiana jones playset in his nose, so needless to say we ended up in the ER to have it removed... luckily with a little glue they managed to get it out quite easily .....

So after our Indiana Jones adventure the saga continued .... with a water leak ... now recently we just found a leak in the pool and had it fixed on Monday... my assistant happened to be taking some things outside for me and when she went into the garage the water heater had sprung a leak ... so luckily not much was hurt by the water but we were 36 hours without any hot water ...

so yes ... its been a little crazy around my house.... but I did still manage to get alot accomplished... and am excited to share with you some new jewelry .... Lots of new things are now available like charm bracelets:

and new charm necklaces:

lots of one of a kind bracelets too !!
and vintage necklaces .... so stop on over and have a look around ....

well have a wonderful week ... (I am bursting at the seems to share something wonderful but I still have to hold off a little bit longer) .....

Thursday, March 11, 2010

She wanted to let you know ...

That I will be attending some exciting events in the next few months !! First ... this Saturday I will be in Queen Creek ... go here to learn more !

Next I will be attending this wonderful event ..... so much glittery goodness to be found here I am sure !!

but first attending the Crescendoh event for Jenny Doh and her new company !!! Just so cool what Jenny has started, as a Social Worker myself I know how important it is. Art Saves is such a delightful message so be sure to check out the website and all the wonderful happenings over there. I am over the top excited to get to go with several of my Arizona girls and get to hang out with some California friends too !! Sooo much fun to be had I am sure !! would love to know if you are attending too !!! Well , there is some really exciting happenings going on right now and I can't wait to share ...... Let me just say it will definitely be worth the wait !!!!

well until next time,

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

she is feeling creative....

Just a quick reminder that I will be in Mesa this weekend selling my jewelry ... but first Friday I will be hanging out with the girls !! I am so excited ... it feels like forever since I have seen them and I can't wait ... so I will be selling alot of one of a kind things in the next couple weeks and doing a store update after the shows... if you live far away and see something you might want let me know right away !! Also custom photo jewelry is now available ... so order early to make sure you get it in time for Mothers Day ! Hope you all have a lovely week!!