Thursday, February 25, 2010

She is presenting ...

It's all about the details some people say.... and I would have to agree ... I have been working very hard at putting together brochures, postcards , tags etc to present myself as a "brand" - WOW sometimes that is really hard for me to grasp .... I finally put together materials for my reps - a 3 page full color brochure and a postcard - Yes the business side of things can sometimes be fun too, even though its business work (marketing etc )
I still have gotten to play with design !! Everything arrived yesterday and I have to say I was pretty proud of the turn out ...

Well there are a few events I will be attending in March here in Arizona and wanted to let you know ... Domestic Bliss is doing a fun swap and sell event and I am going to be a vendor !! It will be March 6th ! so find me in Downtown Mesa!and then the next weekend I will be at the Queen Creek Art Fair on March 13th at the wonderful new Equestrian Park !! so hopefully you will be able to come down and check one of these events out !! Would love to see you!!
until next time

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

She's finding her way

This 5 lb box of findings arrived at my house yesterday ... yep all mixed together just like the photo ... needing to be sorted out to use in my jewelry ... it made me think that I kind of feel the same way .... a little unravelled some days... finding my way ... some days i feel like i am on autopilot ... coasting along ... other days i feel overwhelmed with JOY living my DREAM ... some days are pretty SCARY ... leaping fearlessly into the unknown ......
(gems purchased from Tucson gem show i recently attended)

hoping i can land with my two feet firmly on the ground .... and making the right decisions for myself , my business and my family......
so i have decided to take a bigger LEAP .... I have finally hired a FULL time Personal Assistant to help me with the business side , to make sure things run smoother , to help me stay organized ... and make sure orders , inventory and the everyday things can function... it was TIME .... It was a DREAM and now i feel very BLESSED to say that my Sister n law can actually join me in my JOURNEY .... I can't be sure what the FUTURE will hold ... but all i can do is have FAITH ... that good things will come .... say hello to Heather ... my right hand gal and now Personal Assistant !!! Thanks Heather for joining me in the JOURNEY !!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

she loves Vegas !!

This month is flying by .. I can't believe we are half way to March already --- WOW ! I have been working on some new creations and even have some really fun new things in store for Mother's Day that I think you will LOVE !! I am soo blessed to be doing what I love and really thankful that so many of you enjoy it and write to me about how my work inspires you !!! Thanks so much to all of you !!!
This next weekend , hubby and I are going to Vegas .... Who doesn't love Vegas with all the big lights , casinos and the town that never sleeps !! I am actually going to do this show ... so even better its a business trip and a weekend away for hubby and I ( a late valentines gift for us !) .. so if your going to Art and Soul this weekend please stop in and say hello !!! I am sooo excited to be going !!!
Well now on to more creating ... hope you have a wonderful week !! I will be sharing some more wonderful news soon ....
until next time ,

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

She loves her brothers ...

Well things have been a little crazy around here lately... and I really haven't had time to stop in since I am learning to balance the chaos in my life right now ... but its getting easier and i am learning alot ... alot about me and alot about how to do business ( the business part is never easy) ... so i thought I would share a little bit more about me with you ... something you may not know .... about the real Brothers and Sisters ... you know the Walker's the ones you watch on Sunday evening ??? Well here is the "True " Walker family.. yes my maiden name is Walker ..... for my mom for Christmas (not Nora, Deb-- although sometimes she might be mistaken as Nora ... LOL ...) we decided to do a little photo shoot.... We all Joke about the show... see my dads name was William Walker , and he passed away just like on the show and sometimes there are some other similar things that are almost scary ... family owned business that my dad had when he died ( i really wish it was a winery ) .... oh and lots of drama ... everyone always talking to everyone about what so and so did ... oh yeah ... its there just like the show
so with out further ado let me introduce to you the real Brothers and Sisters.... Jason, Beth, Ryan
oh and yes one of my brothers is gay just like the show....
well i hope i enlightened you a little about the real brothers and sisters ....
until next time...