Thursday, August 28, 2008

she has lots to share !!

First of all I was given this lovely award by Amelia at SweetBFolkARt
Thanks so much girl !!! Such a lovely gift!! So I am passing it on to these lovely ladies :
Holly Loves Art
Junque Art
Julie Haymaker
and Alskar Sott

Oh and I could go on and on all day - I think I have over 100 blogs that i continually am visiting !!!

Then I was given this awesome blog award by this ever so sweet Kandy girl - yes the one and only Natalea of kandeland !!!!! Thanks girl - you rock !!!! and You made my day !!!!
so I will pass it on to a few more gals !!!

Art Tea Life
Little Pink Studio
Noodle and Lou

and i know there are soo many more !!!!!!!

Then there is this that is still going on if you want read my previous post .... about Stephanie , I will be raffling off a necklace soon for her !!

And we are going to DISNEYWORLD in less then 10 days !!!!!!!!!! We leave Sept 6th and get back Sept 14th - so i will be totally off the computer for a week - WOW i know i am going to have withdrawals ... but it will be good - I have been really busy lately and it is a much needed vacation with my kiddos - also my best friend that i have known since 6th grade will be coming too with her family !!!

And there are sooo many more things to share reallly soon !!!! Upcoming events and sooo much more so stay tuned !!!! and more listed in the website lots of new ideas coming for fall!!!

until next time

Friday, August 22, 2008

She has girls ...

paintings that is i promised to share some art with you too ... these little girls were created in Katie Kendricks class where we learned some fun new techniques to use in my paintings !

this little girl is looking out the window

this one is titled "she remembered bright days "
she is holding a small bouquet of vintage flowers !
there is so much depth and texture on these pieces that is hard to capture in the photos !

beeswax, molding paste, charcoal, cheesecloth and much more !!
These will be offered this month on glitter and grunge !!!
hope everyone has an awesome weekend !!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

She is touched ...

Hi girls , I just wanted to give you a heads up about this so you can mark your calendars now !! Blissful living studio/Domestic bliss is have an event on October 18th in Downtown Mesa and I will be there selling my wares !!! Yeah i am so excited !!! On another sad note though one of the teachers at the studio was in a private plane crash .... its so very heartbreaking and I will be raffling a necklace in her honor that day- If you want to read more about it go here

or here - Please keep this family in your thoughts and prayers ... they have a difficult road ahead-

I have been also adding some things in my webstore .... just a few new pieces for now - I am hoping to put the jewelry aside for a few days(not to long I have lots of orders to work on) and get my hands dirty with some paint and charcoal and maybe a little beeswax !!

remember to give your loved ones lots of hugs and kisses, always say i love you and be thankful for every day your given , these moments are a gift .....


Monday, August 18, 2008

she is amazed beyond words !!

Well , girls I am finally back and trying to recoup from a very wonderful wonderful weekend in Temecula !!! What started out with a bang ( my new car got a ladder dropped on it by my 4 year old !!) Ended with smiles, laughs and pure enjoyment !! A pure and true blessing !!!!

Linda and Sherry and Joy THANK YOU SOOO VERY MUCH !!!! you put on a spectacular event and even though it was hot , and my cheap tent blew away LOL! (don't worry i caught it in time before any severe damage was done, like i love lucy i tell you!) it was an event that will never be forgotten !!

I met soooooo many wonderful girls from blogland and some girls that just came for the event!

I also had the wonderful time to sit and chat with the wonderful editors from sommerset magazine you may recognize Ms Jenny Doh in the above photo - she looked so cute carting around her new vintage cart that I couldn't resist taking a photo - she was also busy snapping lots of photos as you can tell !

then there were my phoenix and cali friends playing in the pink camper when they were supposed to be working in there booth -LOL!!

and how could i forget meeting Ms Creative Chaos herself - Karin !! She even brought me the cutest little cake giftie - soooo sweet - Thanks Karin - We have blogged for so long and are both from Michigan originally and have lots in common , so it was fun to chat ( i soo wish i had longer to spend with you !! )

I was deeply touched by so many of you !! Thanks so much for loving my things and taking the time to just come by and say hello !!! I am truly blessed !!! and I just can't wait to come again(which i hear may be in the near future?) !!

so to see lots more photos from the event be sure to check out my flickr and to see a lot more of my new jewelry too !!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

She is Unraveled !!

I am back ... well briefly ....silly me booked two shows back to back !! so in between scurrying around making new things, filling new wholesale orders and trying to manage my household - I wanted to thank all the lovely lovely ladies I met this week and weekend !!! WOW is all I can say ... I am so very grateful to be doing what I love to do and so thankful that you love my things, thanks so much to each and every one of you who stopped by and said hi or made a purchase from my booth !! I am also totally thrilled beyond words that this ultra talented woman walked away with one of my art collage encaustic paintings, thanks girl you made my day!

I will share more from my classes too soon( just haven't had time to photo them !! ) I took 2 amazing classes one with this amazing talent, Katie Kendrick and one with the oh so talented Beryl Taylor - Fun , fun , fun !!! I got to meet so many new lovely women and also saw some that I love to hang with like this one ( love ya girl !! ) So since I haven't got photos yet here are some new jewels : I promise to update my shop after next weekend !! so if you see something you want just email me and i will see what i can do !!!

So now I am heading off to Temecula to the blogherparty this weekend !!! Please join us if you can , I just know its going to be soo much fun !!!

lots of love,

Friday, August 1, 2008

She blings her FORM !!

Meet Marie ..... she is queen of the studio ! She is named after my grandma ... Erma Marie which is where i got my middle name !!

she helps alot in the studio .... she inspires me . And she loves it when i deck her out in all my jewelry ! She loves to pose (can't you tell ) I was lucky to bring her home with me last year while attending Silver Bella - I found her in the basement of an AWESOME antique store , neglected and abandoned ...... so here she is today ......

Happy and content with all her beautiful jewels !!

go here to see many more lovely ladies ......
have a wonderful weekend !!!