Monday, March 14, 2011

she wanted to let you know ...

 I am walking for my little guy, Cole  to raise money for CHASA  .... Here is our story ....
Cole was born January 21st , 2004 -  When he was 6 mths old doctors realized that he was not hitting the normal baby milestones and an MRI was then done.  The MRI showed that Cole had an inutero stroke.  We were shocked and couldn't believe the news.  Cole then had extensive physical and occupational therapy and has continued this since he was a baby... we have had an unbelievable team of specialists working with him ...  Cole is now 7 years old .. he has never had any other complications from the stroke such as seizures.  He has right sided weakness so he doesn't really use his right hand much .. (which we have nicknamed his helper hand) .  He loves to play sports and currently his favorite is basketball.. this past season in one game he scored 4 baskets!! He is such a light in our life - a smile that warms your heart ... his determination and strength amazes me everyday!!
here is the place to go if you wish to donate.... thanks so much for your support !! 
May is Childhood Stroke Awareness Month and CHASA is hosting a Virtual Walkathon to raise awareness and funds for programs for our little stroke or hemiplegia survivors.