Sunday, May 31, 2009

She has 3 more days....

So 3 more days, and i will be packing my rented van to head up to Spokane Washington for the Farm Chicks show ... I am a ball of nervous and excited energy right now, so much too do and so little time ( did i mention my new employee broke and sprained her fingers?? EEEK)... .... so many new faces and SHES i will be meeting and catching up with some I already know .... like these lovely gals Kasey and Jeanne !!! Can't wait to see them !!
I am also now on Facebook and Twitter (see my side bar, I would love to see you there too )so feel free to follow me there on my Adventure ... I am sure i will be popping in to let you know where I am during the trip and some gorgeous photos of peoples booths !!
and I have been busy coming up with some lovely new creations :
( The dream princess Necklace )

New teal Bling earrings !
oh and remember the little she line of jewelry !!! well here is the beginning , now in the store are the little she name charm necklaces
and many more in the works when i return !!!!!!!
well I guess i should get going so much to do .... hope you have a wonderful week !!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

She follows her heart ...

I wanted to share with you a few things .... despite my house starting to fill with boxes and working all hours of the day preparing for this show... there is still lots going on ..... We did find a new house , yeah , so I will be moving the week i get back from Farm Chicks - WOW , Crazy huh ?! So today I thought I would share a little about me .. Lately I have been reading some great posts and another opening article in WWC from Jo Packman about being an artist and what it takes...and the creative highs and lows .... that really hit home with me ... because she is so right the Highs are usually pretty high and fun but the lows can be really low too (like just wanting to stay on the couch all day and not move ) I have been reflecting alot lately too as I am moving , moving on too new things and being taken in a new direction - I get asked all the time how do you become successful or how do you make your dreams into realities... and I really wish i had an answer like do this , that , and this and there - but unfortunately it doesn't work that way .... so my answer is this "she follows her heart" - I let it lead me forward and guide me and hope that it will guide me in the right direction... and yes sometimes there are pitfalls and heartaches but you keep on trying and pushing and Believing .... You have to work through fear of failure and that people aren't going to like it , ( that is always there for me ) - but somehow you put yourself out there - and hope and pray that people like it - and when they do you are grateful, oh so grateful and blessed for your fans and that people enjoy it and love it - yes she is blessed -

but I wouldn't be where I am without my great support system - my husband is always there (I couldn't do it without him ), my mom is always helping me in anyway she can (always my biggest cheerleader and always in the background ) , my sister n law who is now my Creative Assistant and my awesomely talented cousin, Julie Haymaker Thompson is always pushing me creatively !! See this is a love and passion of mine but it takes lots , and lots of hours - time and effort - and its alot of hard work - but the rewards are amazing and the shes I meet are even better - I feel so very grateful for each and everyone of you .... I have been touched by so many people and thank you for that ... I say that if you follow your heart your dreams too can come true... DREAM BIG !! so in honor of being a sponsor over on the incredibly talented Donna Downeys blog - she will be giving away the above necklace - My wish is that you "Live Life Inspired" - the necklace will also be available to purchase in the store , oh and i have added lots of new charms and few more necklaces there too !! So have a happy and safe memorial day weekend !!
until next time

Friday, May 8, 2009

Special WIshes for all the She's

Mothers Day is Sunday - Can't believe it already May !! SO here is wishing all the wonderful shes out there a wonderful wonderful weekend ! I know i will be taking the day off to relax (things have been very crazy right now , hence the no posts in a while ) After June I have some HUGE new plans since I have hired my first employee to start working for me this summer !!! After reading this wonderful post by Kelly Rae, I knew I was on the right track ! And speaking of Kelly Rae I will be having a giveaway on her blog in June , but I will keep you posted !! Also , I still have FREE SHIPPING in my store until Sunday - and here is a peak of some goodies I have been working on -
Some French Inspired earrings and new charm necklaces :

Some new tassel necklaces - The bird necklace has a handmade metal clay nest on the tassel and the journey necklace has a vintage key hanging in the tassel - both are mixed with pearls , rhinestones, gemstones and vintage lace - so yummy !!

and soo many more coming !!! Yes I have been a busy busy girl !! so have a wonderful weekend everyone and hopefully i will post again soon !! and don't forget to honor the SHE's in your life !!!! Take time to relax , refresh and renew !! YOU deserve it !!