Sunday, November 23, 2008

She has a Recipe and a Winner !!!

So today I have posted a great recipe over at Joli Paquet so make sure to go check it out !!!!!
Also the winner of my wand is LIZBETH KING !!! so please send me your address and I will get you a wand right away !!!

I have also updated my website with new ornaments, crowns and necklaces- Oh and I can't forget the gift certificates ( so now if hubby doesn't know what to buy you he can get you a gift certificate too !! ) Also more window to the soul dolls are on there way, maybe by the end of the week !!! I can't believe it is already thanksgiving this week !!!WOW !!

I also wanted to let you know that I am now featured in the gallery at the Retro Cafe Art, Kristin sells the most awesome doll heads and bodies , so if you need some wonderful inspiration and fun new dollies to play with stop on over !!!
hope you have a wonderful week and a very Happy Thanksgiving !!! take time to just enjoy the little things this holiday~ I know I am , I have so much to be thankful for !!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

she is swamped but giveaway is still coming ... and HUGE thanks!!

hey there !! So sorry, I am a bit swamped right now but ... lots of things are coming ... huge update with my website and more ... sooo please still leave me a comment on this post or the one below until friday and i will be drawing for the magical wand as seen in sommerset studios magazine !!!!!
and THANKS soo very much for all who purchased a kit - WOW!!! I hope you all enjoy them !!! okay i will be back soon......

Friday, November 14, 2008

She's GOT KITS !!

now that you have seen these in Sommerset Studios ....

you can now make one too !!!!
so you can now buy two kits today through my website for Joli Paquet ... only a few of each so get them while you can !!!
Learn to make special magical christmas wands or
if you are dreaming of a white christmas then you can make a FABULOUS ornament like this with lots of yummy vintage supplies:
and If you don't want to make a kit maybe you want some other christmas goodies like a soldered new christmas charm ...
or maybe one of the wands or ornaments I have already created for you , no assembly required!
these wonderful creations will be coming very soon....
or this beautiful necklace ....
or if you are still reading this and want to play along ... I am giving away one of the PUBLISHED wands .....already completed , so just leave me a comment from now until Monday and I will randomly draw a name to win one of these:
okay I am in Temecula now at the Bon Marche Event ... hope you have a wonderful weekend and i will have more to share next week, and the kits are here....

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

She's got tinsel, and tagging and terrific things to share!!

SO first I was given this award by my sweet friend Jen !! She is so very talented so be sure to go check out her blog and etsy !!!!! Thanks girl !!!! I am soo honored !!

Next, I wanted to share a few new necklaces that i have created especially for my next event !!! I will be again heading to La Maison Rustique for the fun Tinsel Bon Marche Event !!! It is this Friday and Saturday in Temecula California !! I can't wait to see the girls and this time my assistant extrordianaire is coming with me , my SIL- Heather !! so sure to be a fun girlie weekend in wine country !! Oh and I will be adding the aqua ones to my webstore too !!

and last but not least my talented friend Diana tagged me to list 6 quirky facts about myself so here goes :
1. I love ketchup - i eat it on lots of things including tacos (my hubby thinks i am soo bizarre!)
2. I have really small feet so i buy lots of my shoes in the kids dept. ( i wear size 3-4 in kids at target and 5 - 5 1/2 women )
3. my house is not shabby chic at all more contemporary actually ( more reds, black, creams, and tan)
4.i watch sponge bob everyday - (not by my choosing )
5. i love coffee, i drink it cold in my cup too if it has sat there - ( also hubby thinks i am wierd there too )
6. and last but not least - i hate to wear skirts of any type - i love being girlie but i just don't like my legs so i stick with pants - silly i know - ...

so in the next couple days i will be sharing lots more with you including more from here - so stay tuned !!


Friday, November 7, 2008

She has a TUTORIAL !!

SO here is my first ever tutorial over at Joli Paquet!!! Be sure to stop over there and check it out, along with all the other girls tutorials that are soo fun !!! We also have a flickr group to add any of your creations that you have made too !!!! Let me know what you think !!!

So recently I was published in the new issue of Sommerset Studios - this issue is sure to wow you.. its by far one of my favorites with all the inspiration from soo many talented and lovely artists- It's such an honor to be a part of this magazine and I am so grateful to Jenny Doh for including me !!! This past weekend at Heathers event I was able to sit and chat with Jenny and Staci Dumoski - both took home a piece of my jewelry which was such an honor for me!! and Jenny's cute daughter got a new necklace too that was so perfect for her , Drama Queen, since she participates in the Drama Dept at her school - Thanks so much girls , enjoy your new wares !! I am not sure if you know either ,but like me, Jenny has a Masters in Social Work - so awesome and it was great to share how we are still touching womens lives but in a different way now - which is very important to me since you know i love honoring "she's" - So in honor of the publication and being a part of the magazine I will be selling the kits to make the project in the magazine for Joli Paquet and giving away one of the Magical Christmas Wands from the Magazine in a giveaway next week !!! more peeks of that later ... but here is a peek of the other kit I will be offering ...
she is dreaming of a white christmas....
okay and one last thing for the day ... one of my dear friends was just diagnosed with breast cancer and is having surgery today so please keep her in your thoughts and prayers - I have been working on a new breast cancer line of jewelry which should be ready soon but for now here is a peek at one piece i have done ...
well hope you all have a great weekend !! I will be teaching at Blissful Living on Saturday ! So sure to be a busy and fun filled weekend !!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

She Loves Paris

I had a wonderful time at the Parisian Soiree with Heather Bullard !!!!! It was so fun seeing so many friends from blog land that I hadn't yet met in person and meeting some new ones too ! I also had so much fun actually being able to participate in the days activities along with selling my wares!!! Thanks so much to everyone !!!!! I never can say enough about the overwhelming feelings that i feel from all your kind words and support !! I am sooo blessed !!!
The whole event was over the top beautiful and the scenery was amazing !! breathtaking architexture !! ( my photos are on my moms camera so i will be posting them soon !)

so now its on to Christmas activities ... I will be heading to temecula in a couple weeks for a Christmas Holiday event !!!

so i have been working frantically on some new christmas wares ! and on Friday I will be posting a tutorial on the Joli Paquet blog , not to mention some sneaks of some amazing kits and giveaways that are going on over at the blog so be sure to check it out !!!!!!!!!

until next time !!