Wednesday, April 22, 2009

She loves the Earth

Its Earth Day !! Celebrate this special day by being Green !! You can get this wonderful necklace in my store and I have a SHE celebration going on now !! FREE SHIPPING and a Free ballchain for every charm you purchase !!

Also I need to give a wonderful HAPPY BIRTHDAY - to my most FAVORITE SHE in the entire world , I would not be anywhere with out this woman - she is sooooo amazing , My MOM !!! She helps me soo much with my business, my kids and just being my best friend !!!
Love you Mom !! have a wonderful birthday !!! and she started a blog so be sure to stop by and wish her a happy birthday it would mean so much to her !!
see ya soon,

Thursday, April 16, 2009

She is a Bella ....

Yes girls I will be attending this year along with a bunch of my wares in sure to please bella fashion !!!!!!! I can't wait to see all of the girls that are attending again !! So let me know if you will be there too ... Heres a sneak of some things I have been working on in the meantime...

and a new dollie "she" window to the soul necklaces ....... so fun..... (even my niece thought these doll heads weren't scary ... and she hates my doll heads .....LOL!!! )

So don't forget about this amazing show happening soon too ( May 15th and 16th )! Hope to see you there all dolled up ....
until next time ,

Friday, April 3, 2009

she loves "Little Things"

magazine that is ... a few months ago I was contacted by the Hong Kong magazine to do an interview to be in the magazine ! It is so exciting and although I can't read it , the magazine is so full of inspiration and color !! I am honored to be a part of it .... it was funny though when I started reading the magazine I started at the back which i thought was the front , but the front was really what we see as a back to our magazines , completely opposite ..... anyways Thanks Little Things for picking me to be part of your magazine!!!!
Also I have been reflecting lately on where my jewelry is going- part of the Spring Cleaning /Moving I am doing right now - and I am going to be making alot of changes getting ready for the fall line on my website ( i know what your thinking , but it isn't even summer yet , unfortunately though as a designer you have to stay ahead of the next season or your already behind) -....... so in the meantime I will be coming up with a few more pieces for my website for Spring and as you can see they have a definite spring air to them - like this new piece..... But don't fear each season I will have a new line of items with limited amounts of each , so once there gone there gone - There will also be some limited One Of a Kind pieces and hopefully some One of a Kind Artwork - And then there will be a section for all of the things that will always be there too like charms, some dangle necklaces and rings....... but most items that you see now on the website will be removed at the end of August in time for the new line !! And there will also be the new line of charm necklaces ...... like the one above "be" - and the new line of "little she" charm necklaces too .... I have been gathering the vintage goodies for those too!! so as you can tell my creative juices have still been flowing , crazily getting ready for the summer shows and working away !! and thanks for all your sweet comments on my move and new things ... I will be staying in Arizona just moving closer to Hubby's work, which will be good for us both!!
have a wonderful weekend !!! until next time !