Friday, March 27, 2009


has been working on presentation of my products.... Man , you don't realize how long it takes to do this... but I have made a mini catalog and cards for all my jewels to go on - I also have been cleaning out lots and lots and getting ready to downsize ... yes we are moving this summer , but change is always a good thing ... but this means moving my entire studio which will be no easy task ... ... so with that being said I will be very busy in the next few months (moving, Farm Chicks, Blissful Studio ) which will leave little time for blogging or visiting and commenting the way I LOVE too... yes I am Beth and I am addicted to my computer/blogs/etc .. I am sure you get the picture !! So I just want to thank each and everyone of you for always leaving comments for me , you truly brighten my day.. so if I don't respond back right away please believe me when I say how much all your support means to me !!! I will still try to get on and say hi and let you know how things are going .... because I have some wonderful things in the works that I am soo excited about !!
and i will always want to share all the new jewels that I am making !!! like these new rings all beaded and adorned with vintage carved flowers .......
and new beaded bracelets with tiny words of inspiration and vintage flowers, gemstones, and pearls ...
yes , so even though I might not be around as much , I am still here and listening to all of you and visiting you too !!! So thanks to all of you !!! have a wonderful weekend !!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

She is on a roll !

(simple pleasures bracelet )

Wow girls , despite the craziness and kids on spring break for the next 2 weeks - I have managed to post again and share with you some more goodies ... lots of new things going in the shop daily!!! and more coming too... the rings are now there so for all of you who have inquired they are now available !!!
there are new cuffs , the cream ones are made with all antique lace that is almost 100 years old !

and I am on a roll with bracelets now , they are very fun and addicting to make ....

(oh and speaking of bracelets i will be teaching a bracelet class in april at the studio !! )
see ya soon,

Monday, March 16, 2009

she has been busy ....

Wow I don't know where the time has went ..... I still feel like I just got back from Artnest yesterday yet its been 2 weeks - unfortunately though when you run a business and your the main employee all the work falls on you !! LOL!! However , I have been able to hire some helpers to get ready for this big show and another fun show that was just announced here , a bohemian party and artist market on May 15th and 16th !!! I am working on lots of new jewels in all different styles and this lovely day necklace should be on the website later today !!
I also have lots of new simple little bracelets with sentiments on in different colors available and new charm necklaces coming VERY soon - Oh, and a small line of "Little SHE Jewelry " for all the Little girls in your life !!! So as you can see life is crazy ... not to mention my boys are now playing basketball and soccer so I am juggling practices , laundry and all the other joys of momhood !!! But its all worth it .... LIFE IS GOOD!!!! Hope you all have a fantastic week !!!

(love the earth necklace )

Thursday, March 5, 2009

She loves to Paint !!

So I have returned from the awesomely amazing artnest !!! WOW words can not even begin to start to tell all the gratitude , amazing feelings that I hold in my heart from this wonderful event- I met the most AMAZING she's ever !!! My heart was filled with joy and laughter making new friends ......
I was reminded to dream big .....

I was given wings to take flight ..... to believe ...... and laugh and laugh
In Kelly Rae's class we painted and collaged , while most people painted Girls I went with painting houses .... someone asked me what inspires me to paint houses .... I am a cancer by birth and a homebody ... I love being at home with my hubby and kids and this is where my inspiration comes from I think ....
the world you live in heart of mine , deep in love , cheerful and happy !
I made that painting in Mati's class - and this in Miss Jane Wynn's class - she is every bit as wonderful in person , funky and fun !!

so as you can tell artnest was soo inspirational .... unfortunately i didn't have my camera with me but one of my roomies miss artsymama, Kari, did !! and she took some wonderful pics as well as many more wonderful shes - go here and here and here to read more about the event !

thanks as always for stopping in !!!!