Wednesday, October 29, 2008

She has a sneak peak ...

So as you can see I have been gearing up for the Parisian Soirree this weekend !! and so I thought I would share a few peaks at some of the pieces I have created for the event - Now if your not going no worries , I will list a few in my store when I return !!!

and don't forget the earrings !!!!
and this weekend on November 1st too starts the beginning of Joli Paquet ...... so lots more to come on that very soon .....

Have a safe and Happy Halloween - Until next time ,

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

She has finally Updated her Website !!!

Okay girls !!! the long awaited moment is here !!! Finally I was able to do an upload of new Jewelry items to my website !!! Oh happy day !!!
I have also included a couple of the new Parisian pieces I am working on for the Parisian Soiree with Heather Bullard !!! So if your not attending or want to have a new necklace before then to wear to the event Paris style you can order one now !!!

Hope you enjoy all the new goodies!!! I have lots more in store for the holidays !!!
until next time !!

Monday, October 20, 2008

She is trying to find balance

Today, I am trying to find the balance in running a successful business and remembering to care for myself too , I have come down with a small cold (which its still in the 90's in Arizona)so I cough all night and don't get much sleep, which leaves my engine on empty. So in the midst of all the hussle and bussle of getting orders completed and making new things, I need to remind myself that its okay to relax and refresh sometimes too. Here are some of my new jewels and I promise I am getting it uploaded this week to my neglected website !!!

I had a great day and enjoyed meeting so many new people at Blissfest
(photo taken by Cindy of me in front of my booth)
and seeing some old friends too !! I can't wait to see some of you again in my soldering classes !!
Thanks to all who came by the booth and purchased jewelry from me or just said hello, I am soo grateful for your support!!! It really was a wonderful day and so exciting all the loving support for the Nielsons !! I felt so honored to be a part of this outpouring of generosity to help a family in need !!! AND I can't leave without sending a huge - THANKS to this girl ,
we had so much fun hanging out and she helped me so much with running my booth smoothly !!! Love ya GIRL!!!
Okay , well i am making a ton of things for the next event ... A Parisian Soiree with Heather , lots of french inspired and holiday inspired things coming your way !!
More sneaks coming soon !!! And other exciting things , don't forget Joli Paquet is coming soon too !!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Yes She must admit ....

Yesterday , Mr Happy Motorcycle cop started my morning off with a speeding ticket - Oh , how fun , now i haven't had a speeding ticket in over 7 years - and he said I was "criminal speeding " that is what they call it in Arizona for doing 20 over - It was in the middle of nowhere and I thought for sure the speed limit was at least 50 plus the officer said the guy ahead of me was doing 62- so of course he gave me the ticket - It was on the Indian Reservation so the laws are different , you just pay the fine , no record(thank god ) and no insurance contacted etc .... he told me i got off easy only have to pay the fine .LOL!!!!!! But I was headed here
to bring Carol some of my jewelry to sell in her store... if you are ever in Old Town Glendale you must go and check out her store , it is Cottage Garden II- she has the most amazing jewelry , clothes and lots of girlie stuff from artists all over ..... it was so full of inspiration !!! Thanks so much Carol!!!!!
and for some other positive things......
There is a little contest going on over at Vintage Indie in participation with Glitter and Grunge - so if you want- go here and vote .... this is mine #6 , hint ,hint !!

Last night I taught my soldering class to a few girls over at Blissful Studio - we just had a ball and all the girls loved what they created - I will be teaching soldering in November on the 8th and probably an ornament class in December . SO be sure to sign up !!

And don't forget this weekend I will be here .........please stop by and say hello !!!! My good friend Maija has agreed to come help me and I am so grateful !! Thanks Maija !!!! YOU are MY ROCKSTAR!!!!! Of course its supposed to be the hottest day of the week wouldn't you know...

Okay I gotta go get back to work ..... otherwise there will be nothing in the booth for me to sell... hope to see ya saturday ....
have a wonderful weekend everyone and thanks as always for stopping in !!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

She must Share the Affaire !!!

(all pictures blog knapped due to broken camera)
Where to begin ????? This week has been so hectic trying to get back into the swing of things ... when you attend events like these you are so full of highs and lows from all the excitement and let down of saying goodbye and going back to the real world ....
Kim is an amazing person, host and a wonderful soul ... look at this presentation ...

Then there were these lovely ladies (pictured below) who I got to share a day with going to Gilding the Lily and making their bracelets at French General ...
Becky was the photographer for the event at Kim's and let me tell you she is the most amazing person you will ever meet - Everytime I look at her photos i get goosebumps !!! Carol too is a wonderful person , we made the drive to Cali together and it felt like the trip took two hours instead of seven, it was like i new her my whole life and was just catching up with an old friend -
(Becky Novacek, me , and Carol Wingert )
It was so much fun catching up with friends and of course meeting new ones !!!
(Holly and I at French Gerneral)
and these fun girls:
Jessi, Joy and Kelly
I had an amazing time teaching my glove project that was featured in Sommerset Home ! Its so fun to see how people take ideas and make them their own, I think that is what I love best about teaching !!! Watching people create and I always learn new things too !Here is what one person did in my class .... I just love it !!!!
Here is a picture that Becky took of the teachers and Kim....
(Kim Hesson, Carol, Kim Caldwell and Me )

It truly was an overwhelming delight ... Thanks so much to everyone again .... I had a wonderful time and can't wait to play again !!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

She is Back Home !!

I am back from a very fun girls weekend at the Artistic Affaire -
It was so amazing , if you ever get a chance to attend I would HIGHLY recommend it , Kim pays attention to every detail - (Thanks so much girl for inviting me to teach at this incredible event !!!!You are the best !!!! ).... I met so many wonderful and talented women ... we laughed and shared stories and made friendships to last lifetimes. Thanks to all who came to join in on the fun and purchased my wares - I feel so very blessed, saying thanks just doesn't come close to my gratefulness to all of you! ! Unfortunately though, I didn't get to take any pictures because my little point and shoot camera broke !! Bummer !!! But I know lots of other girls did so I will get some soon and share some with you !! I am still trying to recoup from the long drive and things that need to be done in the real world ... so I will post some more soon ....... Also I wanted to give a quick shout out to these two sites for featuring me on their blogs here and here - Thanks so very much !!!!
have a wonderful week !!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

She is in California !!

I am away teaching this weekend for the artistic affaire (previous post) but I get to stay with my brother in North Hollywood - so much fun !! He took me to a yummy mexican place tonight where all the stars hang - but none of them were there tonight - Oh well ....
So until I return here is a sneak and some of my new jewelry coming to my website soon....

have a beautiful weekend !!!