Monday, September 29, 2008

she has some exciting things to share !!

First of all i wanted to make a wonderful announcement !!! I was asked by Cerri, of Little Pink Studio to join in the wonderful holiday extravaganza called "Joli Paquet" - We will be doing kits and all sorts of other exciting things for the holidays to get everyone geared up !!

Joli Paquet will a month long blog event starting November 1st and run through the end of November. You will be able to visit the blog and find holiday tutorials by several wonderful artists, our favorite recipes, holiday decorating ideas, and gift wrapping tips and techniques! The very best part of this is that the Joli Paquet blog is FREE for everyone. You can visit as often as you would like and come away inspired and ready to tackle more of the hustle and bustle of the holidays! A gift from all of us to YOU!!!

A wonderful fun time for all !!

The Joli Paquet team members are the following artists.

Cerri Campbell , Little Pink Studio

Cindy Gilstrap Junque Art

Donna Layton Under the Red Roof

Brandy Faulkner Brandywine Boutique

Lori Karla Faerie Window

Jeanne Szewczyk Dream Create Inspire

so be sure to join all of us starting in November !!!

and I have been working on this wholesale order , thanks to the wonderful Kasey over at Lola B's - she is celebrating her 1st year anniversary !!! SO be sure to stop by her blog and say hello and congrats !!!! Enjoy Kasey all your new jewelry !!
And in a couple days I am heading HERE to teach a class !!and we are all taking one here with Kaari Meng (so over the top about that too ! ) , I am sooo excited to get to hang with the girls for the weekend - here is a sneak of my kit : (oh yes that is a little frozen charlotte in the kit with her little bonnet) ,

I hope the girls enjoy these , they are soo full of yummy vintage goodies !!

I haven't gotten a chance to take pictures yet of all the new jewels coming your way !! Let me just say I will be doing a huge update next week on my website !!! Hopefully i will be able to post some pics of some of the things before i leave !!

Until next time !

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

She is dreaming of fall !!

Here is what I took a break to get done today ! Some new Window to the soul dolls for fall !

yes even witches need some bling !!

IF only it was more fall like here in Arizona !! Its still reaching 100 degrees so as you can see I am Dreaming of FALL!!!!

and this was a special order for another one of the "dreaming of paris " , i have about 4 more different ones in the works !! It felt soo good to get my hands dirty with paint and glue !! Oh and much more jewelry in the works too !


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

She has been celebrating !!

On Friday the 19th my oldest turned 7 - its soo hard to believe i now have a 7 year old - he is the best big brother !! and is such a sweet & old soul - he is definitely more like 7 going on 20 sometimes - So, I let him have a friend spend the night and we went to the movies - no big party because we celebrated his birthday in DisneyWorld - but on Sunday I had a family party at our house !! Talk about exhausting !! 10 little kids running around playing not to mention all the adults too !! It was soo much fun though ! SO now that I have got all of that done I am hoping to finally catch up on so much needed work and build up some more inventory and other ideas that have been flying through my scattered little brain ! It seems to be harder and harder to catch up these days !! Next time I post I promise to have lots of new and exciting things !!
ps. thanks so much for all of your well wishes for Cole !! he is doing awesome and recovered very fast !!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Today my little Jedi Knight had to go under the knife for eye surgery- As any mom knows its always stressful no matter how little the surgery may be- this was his second on the eye for lazy eye so I hope and pray this one works !!! So if you could send some extra blessings and prayers for him it would be sooo appreciated !!! His road has not been an easy one , as some people know Cole suffered from an inutero stroke before he was born and has been left with Right Side weakness (hemipalagia) - He is a a little trooper and does really really well - !! We have had our share of ups and downs with it and I can soo relate to parents with children of special needs - Coe has had tons of therapy over the years and really he is like any other little boy - he runs , plays etc - yet he does have some speech problems and he doesn't use his right hand ( which makes many activites like riding a bike, tying your shoes very hard to learn ) Funny in the picture above you could never guess in a million years - he is even holding on with two hands - as i said he is a trooper and tries harder and harder every day to do new things - anyways if you could say a little blessing for him and mom - we are having a very rough day today i would so appreciate it !!! Thanks so much girls for all of the support in this "Small world " !!

Okay some great news too before I leave - I will be teaching a jewelry class at this exciting event filled with fun, classes and some exciting little surprises i hear !!! Go here to find out more !!!
Thanks so much Mary for inviting me along !!!!!! I can't wait !!!

until next time ,

Monday, September 15, 2008

She learned so much from Vacation ....

that seeing the castle from your hotel is magical !!!!

That mickey ears are incredible !!!

that My kids love getting there photos taken !

that even in disney world you may find France !!

That my kids love the characters and so does...

grandma !!!
That beer is great in Germany !!! (epcot )
That being a mom and spending time with kids on vacation is much needed !!
that I would not look good in Dreads !!
neither would my mom !! LOL!!
that Mickey makes breakfast sweeter !!!
daddys will ride all the rides even if it means getting soaked !!
that mickey makes everything better !!
brothers can be the best of friends even on vacation !!
The castle really is bigger in Walt Disney World !!!
That grandmas are a must on vacation !!

Thanks so much for letting me share some of my photos from my magical vacation !!!! I must say the vacation was not without adventure - on our last day someone stole my camera backpack right at our pool while i was taking photos of my children on the beach .... so disturbing luckily it was found in a women's bathroom and all my photos were recovered etc (they just stole my cash) but it just goes to show you can never be to trusting ever in this world !!!
BUT it did not ruin my vacation !!!!!!!!!!!!!! As you can tell from the photos we had the most wonderful time !!!!!


Saturday, September 6, 2008

She Loves Mickey ...

I am out of town until Sept 14th !! Thanks so much for stopping in , Talk to ya soon and have a wonderful week !!

here is the jewelry My mom and I will be wearing at the Magical Kingdom!!

XO, Beth

Thursday, September 4, 2008

She is ready to RELAX !!!

so next week we will be here at the Magic Kingdom - I am soo ready for a vacation !!! You know when you just get to that point where its all you think about ..LOL!! I grew up going to Disneyworld (back when it was a heck of a lot cheaper !) and there were only 2 parks - disney and epcot .... My kids are soo excited ( my 6 year old gets to celebrate his bday and mommy and daddy are celebrating our anniversary here !!! ) My 6 year old is having a really tough time with 1st grade this year and missing mommy - One week its good the next he cries almost everyday - breaks my heart (so i am sure this trip will set him back another month.. ) So anyways, here are some things I have been working on for orders !

and this one for my website : says "laugh often, love much "

and this was a custom order ( i will be adding a little crystal heart dangling too )

and I have more exciting news like this .....

yes you will get too see up close and personal my studio !!! I am sooo excited I can't wait to see it in publication - It comes out in October !!! UPDATE : go here for an amazing giveaway for the magazine !!

and you will find me here on November 2nd !! Yeah , make sure to go register I hear its selling out fast !!! Heather is sure to have an over the top AWESOME event !!!

well off to get final preparations done for the trip .... doubt i will get a chance to post again so i will miss all you lovely ladies while i am gone .... have a great week and i will see you when i return !!!!!!!!!!