Thursday, September 24, 2009

She has a Boo Tutorial for you ...

Hey girls , make sure to stop over to the Joli Paquet blog today , I have a wonderful tutorial there on soldering a banner ... did I tell you I am also working on some "SPOOKY" new Jewelry !! More info and also some fun halloween kits coming soon !!!

PS !! GO check out this WONDERFUL giveaway at LOLA B's by the one and only fabulous Kasey !!

Friday, September 18, 2009

She has a few announcements ...

...... so much has been happening and this week has been a little bit crazy for me after this
here is a picture of the booth that my jewelry was displayed in , in Sweden ... Simply Wonderful isn't it ?!!! Anna is so amazing with her decor talent and I am so honored to be working with this wonderful couple !!( oh and she just posted one of our adventures on her blog!) So I have to say it was a huge success and I have been a lot busy working on getting orders done ... and sometimes I still need to pinch myself to make sure it is all real....
and in addition I am working on things for this .... I will be doing a tutorial over there next week and there is even a fun Swap going on so make sure to run over and sign up !!! Kits will be going on sale on October 2nd ... and mine will be very limited but have lots of vintage treasures in it .. but I will have some sneaks very soon of that ....

and I also have some bad news too.... after lots of thought and consideration I am going to have to withdraw from Silver Bella this year.... I may change my mind and attend vendor night ( I still have my table ), but at this point it isn't in the cards for me... I am bummed but I don't want to take on more then my plate can handle .. on a good note though ... Teresa found a lucky She to take my place and I know she is over the top excited to be coming ... So that makes me very happy ...
well my fall calendar is filling up ... I am going to be out and about in October and November at some local events ... so for all you local gals please stop by and say hello ... would love to see you !! until next time !!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

She has made some changes ...

Well I hope you like the new look of my blog and website - I am still working on tweeking it a little here and there but I love it !! Thanks so much to Sara over at SadieOlive for helping me and turning my ideas into just what I wanted !! She is soo talented and fast !!! Not to mention a sweetheart ... and so easy to work with .!

So this weekend I will be participating in the flea market event in Washington at Haley's Cottage! I wish I was going to be there in person , so hopefully one of these days I will. BUT i have sent lots of new goodies and fun stuff , so if you live there ... I would definitely recommend going ,
I know this sweet couple will be there ... and you just can't miss out on what Debbi and Bob put together , they are amazing !!!

So I would love to see pictures or hear about it if you do attend so please drop me a line !!!
talk soon I have lots more to share,

Thursday, September 3, 2009

She loves to create...

Let me introduce my new line of Captured Flower Charms and Necklaces....
these are not reproductions of those tiny little millinery flowers these are the actual vintage ones and all I can say is that I am soo happy how they turned out ...
I have had this in my mind for awhile and finally had a little time to put them together .... hope you enjoy them too !! They are now available in my store-
and speaking of Store- there are new earrings like these -i have added a few new charms and rings too !! and just to let you know too next week my store will be going under a new renovation in the next week so please bare with me as it changes ....

have a happy and safe labor day weekend !!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

she wanted to tell you...

The winners were announced over at House Of Gems ..... and everyone that participated ended up winning a little treat ... so very nice of them ! many spectacular She's were winners : here is the announcement ...
Thank you every one it is a pleasure to see so many creations by
wonderful artists. Our panel had a though time in deciding the winners
for first, second and consolation prizes. Finally the panel decided
the first and second prizes distributed to two artists in each
category and give nine consolation prizes instead of five. House of
gems wants to appreciate every participant with $25 worth of Free
Shopping Coupon.
To receive your coupon code all the participants and winners please
email participant or winner name and email address to . The coupon code will be send to you by email
from house of gems. must receive your request for
coupon before September 20th . The last date to use coupon 30th
The Winners
Grand Prize Winners
We Have Joint Winners for Grand Prize $1000 Shopping Spree Each Will
Receive $500 Shopping Coupon From House Of Gems

PQ Art Turquoise earrings with crystals
Bijouxjardin Sterling Silver Links And Coils Necklace

Second Prize Winners,
We Have Joint Winners Each Will Receive $250 Coupon From House Of Gems

Bw Silver Leaf Me Be
Abney M Indian Summer

The Consolation Prize Winners.
The Panel Had Though Time To Eliminate Some Artistic Creations. We
Have More Than Five Winners Each Will Receive $100 Shopping Coupon
From House Of Gems.
Jcool75025 Long Tear Drop Pendent
eNVeDesigns Secret Rainforest
Lauren.gick Earrings (for simple idea)
Aponte30 Earrings
On The Road Mother Of Pearl And Freshwater Pearl Necklace (Idea)
Chantrees Regal Amethyst Necklace
Sophie K.T House2, House 15 Earrings
Kalenglin Warped In Copper
OrganicOdysseys For Environmental Awareness

Thank you all we will have another contest in coming months.
House Of Gems