Thursday, May 31, 2012

She will be at Farm Chicks this weekend !

Its already here .. today i board the plane to make the trip to Spokane to the Farm Chicks show this weekend Saturday and Sunday ! Its been a long time since I have been there and soo much of my jewelry has changed in these years that I am soo excited to get back to a place that really helped launch me in the direction of my dreams .. it still seems like yesterday when i was there and wanted to share with you my booth from then and a few photos ....
its soo good to look back and see what I used to make and where I have come .. my jewelry has evolved soo much over the years and its really exciting !!  so my booth will not be this big this year as i am flying things and not driving the 22hours from Arizona .. but here are a few photos of things that will be coming with me ..

and soooo much more !!! Well hope to see you there , if your not going don't worry I will be back with lots of new goodies to share with everyone too and upload to the site next week..  I am also working on the Fall line and catalog which will be released in Early AUGUST !!  sooo many exciting things buzzing in the studio !!
so until next time !! 
take care,

Friday, May 25, 2012

She's showing her shoppe .. link tour..

My sweet friend Jennifer Rizzo is doing a link tour of all the different shoppes online  ! So I am joining in .. here is a little bit about my shoppe ....

You can find all different things in my shoppe .. from Charm Necklaces .. both small and large ..
there is also new wedding things to choose from ..
and sooo much more !!!!!
sooo i hope you enjoy my little shoppe .. I also can do lots of different customization on just about anything .. so happy shopping around -  and thanks so much for stopping by !!! Be sure to go back to Jen's and check out the other shoppes here

Thursday, May 10, 2012

She is a Farm Chick !!!

(okay wow .. i haven't posted in a long time .. and now blogger changed everything and i am having a hard time figuring this out ... )
BUT  i just wanted to let you know that i will be a vendor at the farm chicks show in June !! yeehaawww !! going back to see my old friends and of course meet new ones too ! I can't wait ! I even bought some special boots just for the occasion !!if you don't know about the farm chicks make sure to go here and learn more !!! Serena puts on one of the best antique shows around and its soo much fun !!!
 (my new boots)

I will also be bringing some new things that will be newly released at the show !!! I am soooo excited about them .and hope you will be too. :)
Well , I hope you all have a wonderful mothers day !! I know a lot of sweet mamas will be getting some new pretties this mothers day  !!! :) okay off i go to keep working ..also  since i have become such a bad blogger make sure to keep up with me on the facebook fans page !!!
until next time !!