Thursday, December 29, 2011

She is wishing you a Happy New Years ...

Sorry i have been a little missing in action !!!  I have been taking a little break this week from work and internet things  .... Hope you are getting a little rest this holiday vacation too !! I have soo many exciting things coming this year I can barely contain myself .. some are big changes some little ones...
 Cheers to 2012 ..!!
...  I also want to thank you soo much for all your support this holiday season !! I hope everyone is enjoying the new goodies.. So many have written letting me know where the gifts were going and I feel blessed by each one of you .. knowing so many hearts are touched with the words and sayings of my inspirational pieces.. it means soo very much to me ! and i thank each and every one of you for letting me be a part of your world !!
I am very excited to also tell you  about my friend Jeanne's online Ecourse.. the perfect way to start the new year !!

It will be a great way to learn some mixed media techniques and grow your gifts !!! so make sure to check out jeanne's video too - where you can learn all about it !
have a wonderful new years !!
and i will see you back here next year !!
until next time,

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Mamasita said...

Have a wonerful New Year Beth!!!
My mom ADORES her necklace and wore it on Christmas Day with a huge smile :) THANK YOU!!!!!