Thursday, October 2, 2008

She is in California !!

I am away teaching this weekend for the artistic affaire (previous post) but I get to stay with my brother in North Hollywood - so much fun !! He took me to a yummy mexican place tonight where all the stars hang - but none of them were there tonight - Oh well ....
So until I return here is a sneak and some of my new jewelry coming to my website soon....

have a beautiful weekend !!!


Sherry said...

Oh such beauty Beth!! Have a fabulous time in L.A. -- your students will enjoy working with you at Kim's and if you're lucky you'll get in a star sighting or two before it's time to head home!

Unknown said...

Man I wish I could be there but at least I'll be able to see your work at Silver bella! How cool that you are part of Joli Paquet this year:)


noodle and lou said...

oooooh the new pieces are gorgeous Beth!!! Have fun with your brother!!!


Linda Summerfield Crispell said...

Make sure you go to Sprinkles!

Alisa Noble said...

Love the new necklaces! Have fun this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Have fun with your class and all those Gals!!! Wish I was there!!

Hoping to see you in Nov. at the Barn!!


Unknown said...

Your work is fantastic...Bravo.

One Crabapple said...

Did you guys hit El Coyote ?

Heyyy ! that is the necklace I GOT !

The one in the second necklace picture.

The pretty BLUE one.

And Beth ! Three people told me "thats the one I wanted" while I was walking around w/ it on.

Well I got it and I love it !

Love You Too.

Thanks for such a nice kit, my favorite workshop of the day !

Still burned out here.

Hope You recover soon.


Unknown said...

What gorgeous Jewelry. Love it! Daisy~

Velvet and Linen said...

I love your necklaces.
I have been admiring Mary's for quite some time.
Thank you for sharing your art.


Leah said...

gorgeous designs!