Tuesday, November 11, 2008

She's got tinsel, and tagging and terrific things to share!!

SO first I was given this award by my sweet friend Jen !! She is so very talented so be sure to go check out her blog and etsy !!!!! Thanks girl !!!! I am soo honored !!

Next, I wanted to share a few new necklaces that i have created especially for my next event !!! I will be again heading to La Maison Rustique for the fun Tinsel Bon Marche Event !!! It is this Friday and Saturday in Temecula California !! I can't wait to see the girls and this time my assistant extrordianaire is coming with me , my SIL- Heather !! so sure to be a fun girlie weekend in wine country !! Oh and I will be adding the aqua ones to my webstore too !!

and last but not least my talented friend Diana tagged me to list 6 quirky facts about myself so here goes :
1. I love ketchup - i eat it on lots of things including tacos (my hubby thinks i am soo bizarre!)
2. I have really small feet so i buy lots of my shoes in the kids dept. ( i wear size 3-4 in kids at target and 5 - 5 1/2 women )
3. my house is not shabby chic at all more contemporary actually ( more reds, black, creams, and tan)
4.i watch sponge bob everyday - (not by my choosing )
5. i love coffee, i drink it cold in my cup too if it has sat there - ( also hubby thinks i am wierd there too )
6. and last but not least - i hate to wear skirts of any type - i love being girlie but i just don't like my legs so i stick with pants - silly i know - ...

so in the next couple days i will be sharing lots more with you including more from here - so stay tuned !!



Jenni B said...

I love your new necklaces! Good luck at your event!

Jenni B

Anonymous said...

Love those necklaces!!!

Unknown said...

YUP !!! that is your darling!!! hugs J

Linda Summerfield Crispell said...

You get to buy all of the great sale shoes because of your tiny size!!!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see you and met your "Assistant"!!! ;)


Anonymous said...

OOPS!!! "Meet" your "Assistant"


noodle and lou said...

Hi Beth:)
your facts were so fun. I would have totally thought you had a shabby chic house!
Thanks so much for all your Get Well wishes:) I'm slowly getting back into the swing of things:)

Laura Venosa Verbena said...

Oh I wish I were going...I missed getting there this last trip..
I love your new necklaces so much... I will be ordering...HOPE TO SEE YOU AGAIN SOON.
xoxoo Laura

Kasey said...

do you ever stop? i can hardly keep up...
sounds like you are one busy girl.
good luck this weekend.

Unknown said...

Just LOVE your jewelry! It's so fun and magical.