Wednesday, November 5, 2008

She Loves Paris

I had a wonderful time at the Parisian Soiree with Heather Bullard !!!!! It was so fun seeing so many friends from blog land that I hadn't yet met in person and meeting some new ones too ! I also had so much fun actually being able to participate in the days activities along with selling my wares!!! Thanks so much to everyone !!!!! I never can say enough about the overwhelming feelings that i feel from all your kind words and support !! I am sooo blessed !!!
The whole event was over the top beautiful and the scenery was amazing !! breathtaking architexture !! ( my photos are on my moms camera so i will be posting them soon !)

so now its on to Christmas activities ... I will be heading to temecula in a couple weeks for a Christmas Holiday event !!!

so i have been working frantically on some new christmas wares ! and on Friday I will be posting a tutorial on the Joli Paquet blog , not to mention some sneaks of some amazing kits and giveaways that are going on over at the blog so be sure to check it out !!!!!!!!!

until next time !!


Lori said...

sounds like you had a great time Beth...i just know you and your gorgeous creations were a huge hit!!!

Jeanne Oliver said...

So lovely. One of my favorite things I have ever bought from you was a brown cuff braclet and I gave it for a gift....what was I thinking????

Andrea said...

Love all your jewelry, sorry to miss you at the soiree, my daughter had her surgery resceduled at the last minute! Hope to meet you some other time!

Unknown said...

Hi Beth!!

Everything is fine and busy!! =)
I have celebrated that I have had my business now for 10 years!!! I made an disscount on your jewllery and much more things to celebrate!!

Hope you are fine too..I can tell that you do a lot of funny things!! =) Enjoy your day! hugs Malin xxx

Sherry said...

I'm glad you had such a great event at Heather's!