Monday, September 15, 2008

She learned so much from Vacation ....

that seeing the castle from your hotel is magical !!!!

That mickey ears are incredible !!!

that My kids love getting there photos taken !

that even in disney world you may find France !!

That my kids love the characters and so does...

grandma !!!
That beer is great in Germany !!! (epcot )
That being a mom and spending time with kids on vacation is much needed !!
that I would not look good in Dreads !!
neither would my mom !! LOL!!
that Mickey makes breakfast sweeter !!!
daddys will ride all the rides even if it means getting soaked !!
that mickey makes everything better !!
brothers can be the best of friends even on vacation !!
The castle really is bigger in Walt Disney World !!!
That grandmas are a must on vacation !!

Thanks so much for letting me share some of my photos from my magical vacation !!!! I must say the vacation was not without adventure - on our last day someone stole my camera backpack right at our pool while i was taking photos of my children on the beach .... so disturbing luckily it was found in a women's bathroom and all my photos were recovered etc (they just stole my cash) but it just goes to show you can never be to trusting ever in this world !!!
BUT it did not ruin my vacation !!!!!!!!!!!!!! As you can tell from the photos we had the most wonderful time !!!!!



Linda Summerfield Crispell said...

Glad you have such a wonderful time. Sorry about someone pinching your loot! You don't expect crime in Disney World.

Alisa Noble said...

Great pictures... glad you still have them!
Isn't Disney World the best?! :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, stealing is wrong! A person that steals from another, will eventually reep what they sew.
Your boys are precious!

Simply Me Art said...

Your Right Beth, the Nothing more Magical for kids and adults like Disney. It looks like fun was had by all of you. Your boys are gorgeous by the way. Back to the real world.. Ughhhh

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! I hope not alot of cash and you had your camera with you and you got your photos back WOW!!!I am sooo sorry but... love the photos . Looks like ti was so good for all!! hugs Julie

beautifullybrokenme said...

What an awesome vacation! I agree with you on everything you said, but especially on the facts that: 1) vacationing with grandma is a must, and, 2) yes, Daddy will go on every ride - ESPECIALLY when that means getting soaking wet! (Just wait until your boys get bigger - the older they get, the more Daddy will regress!)

I'm sorry about the thief, but, in reality, the pictures are so much more valuable than the cash...

:-) Molly

Unknown said...

Hi love!!

I can tell you have had a wonderful time spending with your family!! =) I bet your gorgeous boys dream about disney every night..and your husband dreams about having more of the *largest bear* I ve ever seen...LOL!! You are so look alike with both your mum and husband!! In sweden we say *marriage look alike*..=) You are sooo cute in the think i will put the picture next to the pictures of your jewllery in my webb shop!! lol....=)Your mum looks so nice and loving...=)

My add will be published in a please keep your fingers crossed that it will be *success*!! I am so sorry about your wont think that anyone can be able to steal in places like that(or anywhere else) gets you soo sad!! Of course I will help you out..and order some more..LOL!!! =)Anyway.. Welcome back!!...enjoy your day..have a peace of chocolate..and get back to work!! =)LOL..Lots of love your manager Malin xoxo

Cheryl Ensom said...

Precious! What wonderful photos! And you are adorable! Even in dreads! ;)

noodle and lou said...

awwwww..welcome back Beth! Such cute pictures. SO disgusting that someone stole your bag...thank goodness you were able to retrieve the photos!!!

Unknown said...

What awesome pictures! You guys had a blast! Thanks for sharing! Can't wait til my kids are old enough to go!


Diana said...

Really enjoyed your pics, Beth....and what sweet boys you have...all three of them! It's always fun to experience Disney Land (or World) through a child's eyes. We become children again ourselves. A well deserved vacation!

Floras Kulle said...

Welcome back!
Wonderful pictures... Your family look so nice, all of them. I also have got two small ones (same size as yours), and they are talking my ears off about Disneyland in Paris...
Just checked my mailbox, and found out that I can sell your beutiful jewellery in my shop (opening this fall), GOOD NEWS!!! Thank you! I´ve been dreaming over your Flickr-page all morning... I love ALL of those pictures!
I will get back to you after MY vacation (going for Oktoberfest in Munich... I noticed your husband tried out the german beer. A smaller glass than that are called a "baby-glass" in Munich!)
:-) Annette, Sweden

Lisa Cook said...

They call it the "Magic Kingdom" fr reason! I remember well taking my kids there way back in 1991 and we all loved every minute of it. We did take one day off and drove to the ocean despite our kids grousing about that.... but James ran up the dune to view the ocean when we got there. He ran back so excited and said, "Now THAT'S my kind of swimmin' hole!" We have never forgotten that. Glad you had a memorable time with Gramma as well.

Unknown said...

Hi Beth! It sounds like you had a wonderful time! And a good time of year to go to! We went in June and it was sooo humid and busy! Glad to hear didn't loose your camera & precious photos! Take care, Laura

Kasey said...

great photo's beth!!
glad you had fun.

Bethie - Chic Junque said...

I love going on vacation with my boys...such quality time! Great pics, and looks like great fun!

Karin said...

What fun pictures!! I feel like I was there! The boys look adorable! Carlos has been begging for a Disney trip! I can't believe that someone took your camera case from the pool....I remember way back when I was in Boston and someone stole my camera from the concierge lounge in the hotel....We had just taken a bunch of pics that day...sheesh...they could have at least left the film.