Tuesday, September 23, 2008

She has been celebrating !!

On Friday the 19th my oldest turned 7 - its soo hard to believe i now have a 7 year old - he is the best big brother !! and is such a sweet & old soul - he is definitely more like 7 going on 20 sometimes - So, I let him have a friend spend the night and we went to the movies - no big party because we celebrated his birthday in DisneyWorld - but on Sunday I had a family party at our house !! Talk about exhausting !! 10 little kids running around playing not to mention all the adults too !! It was soo much fun though ! SO now that I have got all of that done I am hoping to finally catch up on so much needed work and build up some more inventory and other ideas that have been flying through my scattered little brain ! It seems to be harder and harder to catch up these days !! Next time I post I promise to have lots of new and exciting things !!
ps. thanks so much for all of your well wishes for Cole !! he is doing awesome and recovered very fast !!


Sherry said...

Birthdays at that age are so much fun Beth. My oldest was like that as a young guy -- very mature and sometimes seemed older than his years. I thought a lot of it was because he spent so much time with adults, which might be partly true, but some children, as yours is, are born with an "older soul". Sounds like a fabulous birthday all around.

And I hear you on "time"..I have a gazillion things I want to do, get done, ideas for things and I never seem to have enough time in the day let alone the week!

Laura Venosa Verbena said...

Hi beth thanks for stopping by my blog.. Glad all is well. I know it is hard to stay focused being a busy mom right... My A.D.D. seems to be kicking into high gear these days..anyway your boys are precious and I can't wait to give you a hug in California!!!
xoxo Laura

Sarah said...

sweet boys!
Vintage Lily

Linda Summerfield Crispell said...

I am so glad he's doing well. I have been checking in every day for his update!

Sandra Evertson said...

Beautiful boys!
Sending good thoughts and well wishes!
Sandra Evertson

Unknown said...

Happy birthday to him..happy birthday to him!! Hipp hipp hurray!!! =) I am so glad everyone are feeling well and that you enjoy your day with parties and friends!!! Love to see your new works...cant wait!! =) Hugs Malin xxx

Alisa Noble said...

Happy Birthday to your big boy! :)
And it's great to hear that your little one is doing so well!

Anonymous said...

The photo of Ethan made my heart stop a minute He looks so much like your dad Bill. I have never seen that before. Hugs julie