Thursday, September 4, 2008

She is ready to RELAX !!!

so next week we will be here at the Magic Kingdom - I am soo ready for a vacation !!! You know when you just get to that point where its all you think about ..LOL!! I grew up going to Disneyworld (back when it was a heck of a lot cheaper !) and there were only 2 parks - disney and epcot .... My kids are soo excited ( my 6 year old gets to celebrate his bday and mommy and daddy are celebrating our anniversary here !!! ) My 6 year old is having a really tough time with 1st grade this year and missing mommy - One week its good the next he cries almost everyday - breaks my heart (so i am sure this trip will set him back another month.. ) So anyways, here are some things I have been working on for orders !

and this one for my website : says "laugh often, love much "

and this was a custom order ( i will be adding a little crystal heart dangling too )

and I have more exciting news like this .....

yes you will get too see up close and personal my studio !!! I am sooo excited I can't wait to see it in publication - It comes out in October !!! UPDATE : go here for an amazing giveaway for the magazine !!

and you will find me here on November 2nd !! Yeah , make sure to go register I hear its selling out fast !!! Heather is sure to have an over the top AWESOME event !!!

well off to get final preparations done for the trip .... doubt i will get a chance to post again so i will miss all you lovely ladies while i am gone .... have a great week and i will see you when i return !!!!!!!!!!


Alisa Noble said...

Pretty! I love the last necklace! Have fun on your trip!

Kasey said...

have fun!

Bethie - Chic Junque said...

I wish I could go to the Parisian Soiree, would love to meet you in person! Congrats on the article, will have to find a copy! Have a great vacation!

Anonymous said...

I hope you have a wonderful trip!!!! Love the Chic Happens necklace! Can't wait to see your studio in print...Congrats!!!

Simply Me Art said...

How Fun Beth. Ya know both my kids 9 and 13 still miss mom and have good days and not so good days. Your boys will be in Heaven.How exciting to have your studio in this magazine, can't wait to see it. I will see you next month and in November at Heathers event. Jamie

noodle and lou said...

LOVE the new necklaces Beth! I can so relate to the situation with your son. Mine is still throwing a fit every's so hard on everyone involved! Just enjoy your trip and have lots of FUN!!

p.s. congrats on the magazine!!!
how exciting!! can't wait to see:)

Lori said...

have a wonderful vacation Beth...your new pieces are gorgeous:)

Heather - Speckled Egg said...

LOVE your new jewels and congrats on the article! Woohooo!

Have a wonderful trip!

Maija said...

The new stuff is gorgeous! I feel like such a proud sister watching you grow your business!

Anonymous said...

Will you autograph the magazine for me... :) Have fun at Disneyland!! Carls was the same way with school this year. Every day before the start was filled with "why do I have to go back"..."I'm going to miss my little pink house" and my fave "I'm going to miss you, mommy". But what broke my heart was the "what if I get homesick and start to cry" sniff sniff....Although to hear him talk you would think we were sending him to boarding school in Switzerland instead of school a mile away... He's fine now and lovin' school as much as he can! Have fun!!

Anonymous said...

These are really quite beautiful necklaces. Vintage looking yet modern! I'm happy to have come across your blog:)

girlgonethreadwild said...

I just got a look at STUDIOs mag this weekend and HAD NO IDEA you were in there Beth! Congrats! I was grinning and SMILING BIGG to have been able to get a glimpse inside your studio!

Love it!

Your creative space is truly MAGICAL!