Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Today my little Jedi Knight had to go under the knife for eye surgery- As any mom knows its always stressful no matter how little the surgery may be- this was his second on the eye for lazy eye so I hope and pray this one works !!! So if you could send some extra blessings and prayers for him it would be sooo appreciated !!! His road has not been an easy one , as some people know Cole suffered from an inutero stroke before he was born and has been left with Right Side weakness (hemipalagia) - He is a a little trooper and does really really well - !! We have had our share of ups and downs with it and I can soo relate to parents with children of special needs - Coe has had tons of therapy over the years and really he is like any other little boy - he runs , plays etc - yet he does have some speech problems and he doesn't use his right hand ( which makes many activites like riding a bike, tying your shoes very hard to learn ) Funny in the picture above you could never guess in a million years - he is even holding on with two hands - as i said he is a trooper and tries harder and harder every day to do new things - anyways if you could say a little blessing for him and mom - we are having a very rough day today i would so appreciate it !!! Thanks so much girls for all of the support in this "Small world " !!

Okay some great news too before I leave - I will be teaching a jewelry class at this exciting event filled with fun, classes and some exciting little surprises i hear !!! Go here to find out more !!!
Thanks so much Mary for inviting me along !!!!!! I can't wait !!!

until next time ,


Teacher Kelly said...


You are such a brave momma! What an adorable little guy you have! I am thinking good thoughts for you and your little guy today. You must be doing something right, to have nutured such strength and determination in packaged up in the cutie pie that he is!

I wanted to introduce myself. I am working with your friend and talented artist, Sylvia Anderson. I know she has sent you a couple of emails with questions about the art classes we are trying to put together. Thank you so much for all your advice, and for freely offering your knowledge! We truly appreciate it! I hope someday to be in your neck of the woods, so that I can have the privilege to take a class from you! Your work is so inspiring! Thanks again!


beautifullybrokenme said...


I can't imagine what your day has been like, but know that I am saying a prayer for both of you that this surgery will be successful and that Cole will recover quickly and with spunk!

He is truly an inspiration, and I never would have guessed in a million years that he had special needs judging by your pictures.

Know that he and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.



Sherry said...

Beth, your strength keeps your Cole motivated and I would say his strength keeps you going. What a loving relationship. Many prayers and blessings to you both -- surgery for our children is so much harder on us that surgery for ourselves. May this one do the trick for him. You are an inspiring mother!

Backyard Candle Co. said...

I will be saying an extra prayer tonight for your little man and the rest of your family!!!

Anonymous said...


Sending prayers and healing thoughts your way. I hope Cole's surgery was a success!


Simply Me Art said...

Oh Beth, I sure hope he is recovering well. I know as a mom with a child that has a disability it is not an easy path.Both my kids have Neuro. Disabilities and we have had to climb mountains for them both. Im sure your Cole is tough like my two are, I have Never and will Never treat them any differn't than any other mom would. I have had very sad days and felt like why my kids, but I live it through my daughters eyes and her disorder is just a part of who she is and she never gives it a second thought. Her friends and many parents have told me in the past Wow, I sould have never guessed your kids had a disorder! Ughh, like they all wear a label on their sleeves. He and his brother are dolls and Lucky to have a Wonderful Mom like you.. Sending good thoughts and prayers for his quick recovery. Jamie

Linda Summerfield Crispell said...

May the Force be with him as they say in Star Wars.

Amy said...

Just remember, surgery is always harder on the parents than the kids. He'll do just great! My son has had 3 eye surgeries for stabimus and is pretty much corrected w/ his glasses. I will say a prayer for you and your son that this second surgery is a success. By the way, just recently found your blog and really enjoy it! Blessings to you and your family

Alisa Noble said...

Oh Beth, I'll be keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers. What a little darling you have!

Anonymous said...

Beth, take care- your son (and you!) will certainly be in my prayers!
talk soon, xoxo natalea

Bethie - Chic Junque said...

Beth, My sister has a special needs child, and I know what strength you need! He is lucky to have you as a mom! I will be thinking of you!

Anonymous said...

Beth you and your little guy are in my thoughts and prayers! He is such a cutie!!! Hugs to you!

Laura Venosa Verbena said...

As a mother of a child with Prader Willi Syndrome, I understand your heart. My son Dante who is now 13 has gone through many surgery's and had the same one you little Cole is going through now..I promise you...your little angel will be fine.. He will be my prayers tonight..
Remember someone once told me when Dante was diagnosed with his rare syndrome " God gives Special people special angels".xoxo See Ya soon. xoxo Laura

Kasey said...

so sweet, your little guy!

O.k., LOVE the invite. You do know i have a Lola right????
so funny!!

Karin said...

Hugs to both you and Cole....Sending tons of support vibes your way!! Congrats on the Sweetpeas gig!! So happy for you! :)

Sarah said...

Sweet boy! Lots of extra blessings your way! We want our children to be just as healthy as can be! Congrats on the Sweat Peas fun! I've been out of the loop lately with blogging so I don't know what's going on with my "imaginary" friends! Ha!
Vintage Lily

Unknown said...

Hi Beth!

Ill keep my fingers crossed that it went out fine!! (I have been out of town a couple of days..havent seen this before)I have total understanding for children with special need too!! I dont know if I have told you that my eldest son has a couple of diagnoses like ADHD, Autism, klaffners syndrom, epilepsi mm!!??
Its hard work and a lot of thears and fears...!! (Experiment with medication etc). And my middle boy Kalle laid under the knife last week!! He was so brave..but although you are so worried as a mom!! (I ll think we always will =)
Please let us know how it went out!! Ill send lots of love and blessings over the that he recovers well!! Take care love!! Hugs Malin xoxo

noodle and lou said...

Oh Beth!! I hope all is well with your sweet little guy. Sending you tons of happy hugs and keeping you all in my thoughts:):):)


Maija said...

Fortunately, eye surgery has a very quick healing time, but it must be hard to keep a little boy rested! I'm glad Cole came through ok. How long before you know if it was successful?
I'm thinking of signing up for Lola....are your driving? With who?