Friday, October 7, 2011

she is going to have a "wicked" time ...

Just wanted to let you know that next weekend I will be at the URBAN BARN in Escondido, CA on October 14th and 15th  - if you live near the area you must come.. they are having a "wicked ball" and so much more , giveaways, treats , costume contests..  .. I will be selling my wares and flea market supplies at the street faire all weekend ... also Urban Barn was voted one of the top ten flea markets by Romantic Homes its definitely worth making the trip !!!  Now i gotta go find a costume !!
 hope to see you there !!! 


Loris Glassworks said...

Love the idea of I wicked ball. Wish we could attend! Have fun.
Lori (in Atlanta)

Kori said...

This looks like a blast! I'm going to try to make it! Kori xoxo

Unknown said...

How fun !! Someday I plan on going to one of the shows. That was one of the good things of living back in Il. I lived close by Creston Il where you just were back in May for the NaDa Farm event which is going on now. Boo Hoo. Il had alot of cool spots to go too there. I had a little vintage antique shop myself. Living here in Glendale i am figuring out little by little those spots. Anyway Not to bore you. Have a beautiful and creative day... Chickie

Caroline (Piorra Maison) said...

Hello Beth,
I just found your beautiful charms on Joanne & Company. I just simply love them. I am opening a vintage inspired store in Montreal Canada and I would love to carry your line of jewelry. I left you an email to get in contact with me.
have a great week end
Au revoir

katie scarlett said...

I love that! How did it go? xo.