Monday, August 18, 2008

she is amazed beyond words !!

Well , girls I am finally back and trying to recoup from a very wonderful wonderful weekend in Temecula !!! What started out with a bang ( my new car got a ladder dropped on it by my 4 year old !!) Ended with smiles, laughs and pure enjoyment !! A pure and true blessing !!!!

Linda and Sherry and Joy THANK YOU SOOO VERY MUCH !!!! you put on a spectacular event and even though it was hot , and my cheap tent blew away LOL! (don't worry i caught it in time before any severe damage was done, like i love lucy i tell you!) it was an event that will never be forgotten !!

I met soooooo many wonderful girls from blogland and some girls that just came for the event!

I also had the wonderful time to sit and chat with the wonderful editors from sommerset magazine you may recognize Ms Jenny Doh in the above photo - she looked so cute carting around her new vintage cart that I couldn't resist taking a photo - she was also busy snapping lots of photos as you can tell !

then there were my phoenix and cali friends playing in the pink camper when they were supposed to be working in there booth -LOL!!

and how could i forget meeting Ms Creative Chaos herself - Karin !! She even brought me the cutest little cake giftie - soooo sweet - Thanks Karin - We have blogged for so long and are both from Michigan originally and have lots in common , so it was fun to chat ( i soo wish i had longer to spend with you !! )

I was deeply touched by so many of you !! Thanks so much for loving my things and taking the time to just come by and say hello !!! I am truly blessed !!! and I just can't wait to come again(which i hear may be in the near future?) !!

so to see lots more photos from the event be sure to check out my flickr and to see a lot more of my new jewelry too !!!


Kasey said... looked like so much fun!

Alison Gibbs said...

Looks like everyone had fun at Temecula !!!

Anonymous said...

Beth it looks like you had a wonderful time! So glad you did and love all that new jewelry!

Linda Summerfield Crispell said...

I have clearly missed another wonderful event. Where are you from in MI? I grew up in Ann Arbor.

One Crabapple said...

Miss Beauty With A Glow - Even In The Heat !

Loved seeing you finally and seeing your pieces in person was divine !

See you soon !


ps. Ouch about the ladder....

Little Pink Studio said...

Yeah, so glad you had a wonderful time!
The photos look great and so does your fab jewelry!
~Cerri xo

Anonymous said...

What fun it was meeting and visiting with you, Beth. :)

Bethie - Chic Junque said...

Wow, Beth, what great event! Wish I lived closer!

Mippie said...

So nice to see such a gorgeous photo of you and Mrs Chaos! Looks like a great time-I'm so glad to have peeks of it! xo-Mel

the fabled needle (jen) said...

oh, so much fun! whenever i think i temecula i think of the orange groves - were they in bloom?

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Your jewelry looks fabulous as always! Sounds like you're having a great time!

noodle and lou said...

ooooooh how I wish I could have been there Beth! Adore all your new necklaces...I want them ALL!!!

Diana said...

Boy, did I miss out on a great event! Thank you for sharing. Your jewelry looks divine! So, pleased that you did well and had such a good time. Congrats!

Unknown said...

Hi Beth!

I just found your blog today and saw the great pictures from show! I didn't realize you were from Michigan?? I just got back from there a few days before the show! My brother lives there and my oldest daughter was doing a SERVE project through his church! What a small world.. I LOVE where he lives and am hoping my "hobby" will pay for a summer cottage there some day! (we can all dream right?? ;)- It was so nice to meet you and look forward to staying in contact with you! Have a wonderful day... Laura