Wednesday, July 6, 2011

her studio view ...

so i got to spend last week antiquing and relaxing in wisconsin ..(la crosse to be exact) .. the weather was so nice and its right near the mississippi .. it was so wonderful surrounded by bluffs and green ! how i miss the midwest was such a great break .. and refreshing away from heat of the Arizona desert... i also found so many new goodies which has sparked my creative muse again .. ( i am also addicted to the program inst.agram can you tell ??)
so here are a few more glimpses of my studio today .. my new home away from home ..

so lots of new stuff coming soon and hopefully maybe some new jewels coming to the website !! 
until next time,


kimberly said...

funny - my dad lives in la crescent - just across the river in minnesota!

Maija said...

Welcome home!! Did you make it back in time for the dust storm? It was on the news here in Colorado!