Friday, April 1, 2011

her life has been crazy...

I can't believe what a bad blogger i have been.. i am not sure where this year is going and now its April already !!  ... so i have tried to blog but when i try and sit down to write, the words just don't want to come .... so anyways,  .. i have been very busy creating the last few weeks  .. i also spent a wonderful weekend away with some Dream girls :)
.. It was a total treat and I had the best time ...Tiffany was the most delightful hostess and I am soo happy to call her a friend , I admire her soo much  ( and sorry to say I didn't take barely any photos :( ) ... also I have  been designing more for my childrens line and coming up with my fall line ... we also go a new puppy- he is an australian shephard and we named him Cisco .. after our fav place san francisco!
  so it is taking up some of my free time along with just being mommy while my kids were on spring break  ...  I think its important to let ourselves take a break when we need to ... and for me it was much overdue... sometimes when the craziness of life takes over its all you can do to keep yourself sane is take a nice break ... so with that being said I am still here ...
I have two great events coming up here in Arizona ... the first being a small trunk show at one of my Favorite stores called Frances !!!  I will be there on April 9th most of the day  ... would love it if you came by to see me!! .. i will have lots of one of a kinds and some new childrens jewelry ... Easter is right around the corner ! and then i am going to be a part of the Arizona Womens Expo !! Its going to be an exciting event and I have been working on designing my booth for that too !!
So thanks so much to all of you for hanging in there ... hoping to pop in here alot more now with some fab updates on other exciting happenings !!!

thanks so much for stopping in !


Kori said...

Glad to see you back honey! Kori xoxo said...

No worries!
Life happens :]
Great photos, so... It has been well worth the wait.
Happy Saturday.

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

You gotta do what ya gotta do! The pup is so darn cute!

Annas Vita Hjärtan said...

Lots of hugs to you! <3


Maija said...

Sweet puppy, Cisco!!!