Friday, August 20, 2010

she is moving ..

Yep we are in the process of moving our house AGAIN ... I know I know but this time we are hoping to stay a bit longer (we have had alot of issues with our current rental , which is a whole other story )  But this time I am going to have a huge studio 20x20 to be exact which is almost double the space .. . and I have some magical things planned for this space ( hint... you will be able to visit ) and the remodel has already begun ... don't worry our new landlords are perfectly okay with me remodeling their garage !   SO .. i may be absent for a another week or so but I will be back with lots of new photos and how my new studio space is coming along !!! 
In the meantime though I wanted to give a shout out to The Creative Connection Event ... I was so honored that Jo Packman and Nancy Soriano asked me to create some unique jewelry pieces for there event !! So if your going and you will definitely want to check it out !!!I will be doing the Junk Bonanaza which coincides with TCC.  So I can't wait to see all the wonderful ladies attending both !!!!!!
until next time,


Maija said...

Besy wishes on your move!!

Kelly Berkey said...

Good luck, I can't wait to see your new studio and I'll see you at the Junk Bonanza too!

martha brown said...

Good luck with your move, Beth!

laura said...

good luck on your move Beth,, I am moving to... I know what work it is but I think this will be great for you. xoox Laura

Unknown said...

Hi Beth! I will definitely stop by your booth at JB...I LOVE your jewelry and would love to meet you :) I have a bracelet of yours that I bought quite awhile ago from Kasey and I wear it all the time {french girl with the vintage tape measure on it}!!

Hugs ~

:) T

p.s. good luck with the move!

Emily said...

That's great that you'll have a new studio! Moves can be stressful, but I hope yours goes well :D

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