Friday, July 18, 2008

She Loves to create....

So I am so excited, this week has been very busy one for me but I want to share a couple of new things that I did get done !! These cream cuffs

and this new necklace done in a new style :

and if you haven't heard about this fabulous party in August you must go look here because for all you girls who are going , I have exciting news !!! I am going to be there too selling my wares and some other vintage chic items !!! and from what i hear so will alot of other girls like Kim,
and Kim, and Maija and many others !! so won't you join us too !!!

hope you all have a very wonderful weekend - I am busy filling orders and getting the shop filled up for next week !! so join my newsletter if you want to know about all the new stuff coming your way !!


Unknown said...

Contgratulations again!!!!!!! So fun!! I want a newspaper please,LOL!! The neckless are divine as always!!!! I am so excited to see what you have done this week except the cuff and the neckless...always so fun to see..

Take care and enjoy!! Lots of love Malin

Unknown said...

Is the ring in the middle and the one to the left still for sale?? =)

Hugs Malin xxx

Anonymous said...

Love what you created and that necklace is beautiful!!!

Laura said...

I just found your blog through girlgonethreadwild's blog where I saw the beautiful and magical piece you made for her! I love your creations and the the new necklace is devine!

Anonymous said...

Beth!!! Can't wait to meet you in person!!!Bring tons of those darling Cuff Bracelets!!!!Yeah!!!!!

Kasey said...

i LOVE these Beth!!!
And i love white things....

SadieLou said...

I love your cuffs! I got your package today! Yummy, yummy, yummy!
Thank you so much! I feel so lucky (blessed)
I will blog about it soon...
I have to share the joy!

Kim Caldwell said...

So excited you are coming doll! We are going to have a blast!

Hugs, Kim

noodle and lou said...

that is my favorite necklace yet!!! eeeeek...soooo pretty Beth!
Happy week to you:)
p.s. I'm having a giveaway over at my blog:):):)

Mippie said...

I love the creamy goodness of your cuffs and that new necklace! Congrats on your new event-but...I really think you should think about doing events closer to me! xo-Mel

Unknown said...

Hi Beth!!

I order a bracelet excactly as the neckless I asked for a custoumer before if ok?? (she is happy) =)
Are the two rings for sale to??

hugs Malin xxx

One Crabapple said...

oh YAY BETH ! I got in on your blog ! I love it, it's gorgeous !

AND ... Holly and I are coming to the BLog-HEr

So I am going to get to HUG You For Real !


Anonymous said...

How Beautiful your job!!!
I have no words...
I'm Brasilian and i work with bijoux and you really inspired me,
Come and see my Blog! I have my bijoux there and wee can change some ideas!
a lot of kisses and congratulations
i add you on my Blog to visit every day!

beautifullybrokenme said...

Beth - I love all of your new pieces! You are so talented! And today I have given you an award! Come to my blog and check it out. :-)

Anonymous said...

Here in Brasil wee have the "Premio Dardos" is alwais the same of "Brillante weblog premio 2008" Now i pass to you
I think you are the best of my predilets and excuse my bed inglish!
a wonderfull weekend

Anonymous said...

BETH!!!!!!! I will so do eveything in my power to be there!!!! Temecula is about 45 minutes away from me! How exciting to finally get to meet you!!! Woo hoo!!!!